UK Charts: EA shoots down BioShock

Medal of Honor: Airborne hits number one, Tiger in second as 2K title slips to third.

Former number one Bioshock is knocked down to third, just ahead of an impressive debut for South Peak Games' Two Worlds, which debuts at four.

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nasim4060d ago

a game that got 2/10 from Gamespot and 1/10 from most eastern european reviewers including DOUPE CZ

It is good to see that Bioshock has climbed down and understandably anyone who has played it was bored to death

BTW the pc version of BORING BIOSHOCK is on the list . The x360 version is not there as it is the least selling console here in UK and EU

jcgamer4060d ago

still talking yap about Bioshock and Xbox 360 sales in UK, huh? you never give up do you, even after getting proved WRONG? go take you tired self a much needed rest...or go get a pack of bubble gum so you can have some more bubbles...we can't see you with 1 bubble! to to Nasim...

toughNAME4060d ago

if Bioshock gets shot down by MOH

whatever game is on top in 2 weeks...will be DEMOLISHED

Ps3Fanboy7774060d ago

Seriously even as a Ps3 user there is no reason to buy MOH when Bioshock and Halo 3 (gay-lo for some) are just around the corner.

MK_Red4060d ago

Sad to see 2 mediocre EA games beating the excellent BioShock.

BLACKJACK VII4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I agree that Bioshock is an exceptional game, but I played the MOHA demo last night & was really impressed. I am surprised by this article, but MOHA looks like a pretty cool game - try the demo !

Geez, you disagree with trying the Demo ??? SAD !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.