Xbox 360 & PC get Another Unreal Engine 3 licensee: End

Faramix Enterprises announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Epic Games, Inc. for use of Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology in connection with the development of its next-gen first person shooter.

Mark Rein, VP at Epic Games added: "It's always a pleasure for us to be able to deliver Unreal technology into the hands of new developers who are single-minded in their focus on raising the creative bar in the work they produce."

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TriggerHappy4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Another FPS title ? wow, when are developers going to start making something new ? Nonetheless great announcement for PC and Xbox 360 owners especially since it is using th Unreal Engine.

MK_Red4082d ago

Good one. Its another Unreal Engine 3 Power FPS for PC and 360. Hope it's a good game :)

jay34082d ago

MK Red,

You seem to be the serious/friendly to all guy here, could you tell me what the hell this means!?

I'm just like "What? Is--Is that good?"

MK_Red4082d ago

Well, I'm generally positive about PS3, 360 and PC related news while I'm more than often negative about Wii news.

ShiftyLookingCow4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

tired of people who are tired of FPS. Its like getting tired of action movies. As for MK_Red, I think he doesn't like Wii or at least the dumbing down of games because of Wii.

[edit] haha I was three minutes late

ElementXYZ4082d ago

Merc3nary, You are a stupid little boy who spends his entire life on N4G talking smack on the 360. I'm sorry that you purchased a PS3 but get a life. Seriously...look at your points profile...its depressing. I'm sure you are going to ban me again from this site. It doesn't matter! I'll just make another one and keep going until CodeMonkey apologizes to me. This site sucks and I aim to ruin the experience for everyone. ElementX forever. (don't you dare ban my ElementX name [email protected])

risk4081d ago

and element your a <insert sex here> who is getting worked up because somebody insulted an xbox360, whats worst, him insulting a console, or you reacting that way because of a console? (heres a tip, is the console bigger then god? cuz right now, you sure are acting like it is.)

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Clinton5144082d ago

Wouldn't Epic be the one gaining the licensee? Not the platform it's on. :|

power of Green 4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

"Unreal Engine 3 Powered FPS 'End' (X360/PC) Announced"

Why is number one so worried about it stick to the PS3.

This is coming from a guy that has 3 or 4 FPS's he has to buy this Xmas probably already owning RFOM.

power of Green 4082d ago

At least people are finding out these two guys on the top are not the best contributors for 360 new theres always some hidden agenda behind there hot steaming piles of sh*t altered posts.

PS360WII4082d ago

hey all I can say is Bring It On. Unreal Engine is quality (unless you ask Silicon Knights). Sure it's a fps but whateva!!

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