Stunning New User Created Concept of PSN Store

The highlighted Killzone 2 Demo is the selection thing, when you click down it will highlight Assassin's Creed Demo. This design is also a program built into the PlayStation 3, not a webpage. When it's launched it fades in the screen. No mouse is used on the page, and when loading it shows a PlayStation 3 bar filling up.

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TriggerHappy4058d ago

Sony should definitely implement one of these two user created themes. The first one from PS3forums and this one from GTforums. Both of them are way better than what they currently have. PS3 onwers take it to Sony.

dangerstepp4058d ago

Since there aren't any games to play, you guys sit around with crayons and construction paper and draw up designs to make the PSN better? I really do pity that. Honestly.

You won't have to worry about us Trolls come 9/25. Halo 3


kornbeaner4058d ago

and on 9/26 you'll be back since Halo 3 will bless your console with the red ring of death. Repair Beyond.

KeMoBLUE4058d ago

that's funny considerig 33% of the xbox users will note have their 360's microsoft's repair companies will.

supnub54058d ago

i'm gonna send virus to xbox live and all 360's that are playing gaylo 3 will explode.

jmare4058d ago

Maybe Halo 3 is code for the 3 red lights in the Red Ring of Death

reaferfore204058d ago

I believe that as soon as home comes out the PSN Store will disappear completely and be replaced by something way more inticing. The current PSN Store seems like it was thrown together to be just good enough to get some content out before PSHome's release. Once Home is released I would think they might get rid of the store all together. If not then they had better do something with it.

To 1.2 on: This article has nothing to do with "RROD", "gaylo 3", or the lack of games on the PS3. Just because one person is flaming doesn't mean you all have to follow in suit.

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weazle4058d ago

It would be a welcomed change if it would happen. I doubt that it will though because it resembles the 360 too much. I wish that Sony could overlook that and just make the change.

reaferfore204058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I was thinking the same thing with the themes and all.

BlackCountryBob4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I like this and it is an improvement but I would prefer the XMB like concept that was posted a few weeks back, just looks more integrated into the main page and I think the XMB is a very elegant and "grown up" interface which is remarkably easy to use and quick to navigate.

@dangerstepp: There is a certain irony in you calling me a moron, get a life you sad little boy. This article had no need to descend into a partisan argument. I like the XMB and I am a grown up unlike you, its called a personal preference!

Enjoy your games everyone, regardless of what machine they are on.

dangerstepp4058d ago

If by "grown up" you mean clunky and extremely annoying to use.. then yeah.

monkey6024058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I never even considered this a problem. To be honest it isnt the set up that bothers me it's the content that needs work.

weazle4058d ago

It isn't a problem, just a preference. I think most people will agree that it just looks nicer, but not greatly needed. I agree that the content should be the first priority.

Blabbermouth4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I recon it needs work. The store feels like it was originally designed for mouse use. And Navigating the site could be easier with a controller. For example. Such as going back to previous page, could be assigned to L2, and going forward could be R2 . I feel there could be a use in selecting things with the analog stick in a rotation type fashion, so you can go from one corner to the next within one movement(vertically, horizontally ,diagonally, rotation) , a bit like how the voice commands work in PC BattleField 2. Also If you've loaded a page, the PS3 should store it temporally in its memory so if you go back to the previous page it loads instantly so you don't have to load the page again. And the over all layout needs to be improved.

Caxtus7504058d ago

Like people have said. The headings look very similar to the 360 marketplace...therefore would not be done by Sony

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