The Washington Post: PS Move VS Kinect sales so far

There was a lot of buzz over the weekend as news broke that the Microsoft Kinect was outselling the Playstation Move by a ratio of five to one. But the numbers aren't quite so simple.

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Shazz4548d ago

These articles are getting boring now if I'm honest . They are both selling well but neither will catch the wii In terms of motion control units in households .

nveenio4547d ago

I know that Sony and Microsoft care about sales, but I care about games and first party support... I had my winner a couple months ago.

AngryTypingGuy4547d ago

I think a lot of it has to do with media buzz, and of the big 3 console makers, Microsoft if the undisputed king of generating hype and buzz over their products.

RedDevils4547d ago

"You kill Kenny"

OT: Totally agree with you man or girl :P

Game-ur4547d ago

"You bastard!"


from WP comments"I think neither will particularly matter. My experience is that not a whole lot people care about the motion sensing after a while. Once you get past the "this is cool" period, it just becomes a hassle to play like that"

ElementX4547d ago

I believe it's "You killED Kenny"...

Bad grammar FTL

RedDevils4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

@ElementX Whatever Grammar Police, I think you're the only one here that take it "too" seriously here in this forum

SeNiLesBack4547d ago

Not only are they getting boring but Move and Kinect are next to impossible to compare in sales.

They just need to stop with this already. They both are doing very well and gamers will enjoy both in their own respected ways.

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KwietStorm_BLM4547d ago

Well said, and I completely agree. I assume comments like this one are a rarity if you only have 2 bubbles.

GenericUserName4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

"personally i will be happy
when kinect is finally out so that we
have move and kinect that can do
the sales fight and we can roll on and
get back to core games and look
forward to them ." #18
43d ago by Shazz | View comment
YOU asked for it, you got it, now you're crying?
Boom! Headshot

Koolno4547d ago

For now 4,1 millions agaisnt 2,5, where is the "bam shot" poor troll ?

GamerPS3604547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

These types of articles are pretty much baseless. I hate article like this but it gives us something to talk about and bring us back to N4G.

gamer78044547d ago

Baseless? They are using sales figures from MS and Shipped figures from Sony.

Vherostar4547d ago

Exactly Shazz people need to stop now..

Koolno4547d ago

I agreee with you for the most part, except :

"but neither will catch the wii In terms of motion control units in households . "

If ps3 became another ps2, with move included in each ps3 sold, you can have more moves in houses than day :)

Clarence4547d ago

Well how can they. The wii comes with motion control. The PS3 and 360 motion controls are add on

Strikepackage Bravo4547d ago

Both doing well? Not exactly, move is not doing anywhere near as good as Kinect, and I dont think its doing as well as Sony had hoped.

When Sony tossed together their version of the wii, I think they expected to get quite a revenue boost, but now I doubt they are even going to break even at his rate.

Scotland-Tha-Brave4547d ago

Sony actually stated that that the move was doing better than they thought.

"When Sony tossed together their version of the wii"
I think you are getting mixed up with kinect. The move works exceptionally well with 1:1 tracking and works with most types of games. It is the kinect that was "tossed" together, microsoft rushed it out and the poor quality games and accuracy prove this.

frostypants4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

What's the manufacturing cost of the Move components? If you cannot answer that question, your statement is 100% uneducated.

frostypants4547d ago

Neither of them are back-ordered on Amazon, which would be the true mark of a hot product.

I plan on buying neither at this point. I just don't see the point.

The impact this motion-gaming debacle is having on the 360's upcoming library is particularly heinous...

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Seijoru4548d ago

This reporter is smells like a fanboy to me, he kept taking shots at Move while failing to mention lack of software for Kinect. He should have kept the article unbiased.

sak5004547d ago

You smell and sound like more fanboy than him. He wrote what he has facts about. What do you base your criticism of his opinion? Should the real world outside of n4g pray to sony like the fanboys in here?

RememberThe3574547d ago

Strangely I agree. The author presents the facts and the facts don't look as good for Sony as they do for Microsoft. But Sony is on target to reach it's sales goal, so I'm sure they're not too upset about it.

Kinect is a sales success and the haters (myself) need to get used to it.

But please stop talking about fanboys when your a HUGE fanboy yourself. There is so much pot and kettle bickering, I figured you guys would have gotten tired of it by now.

hay4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

What shots at Move? The only thing he/she/it did wrong, he/she/it said based on lack of sales data for Move that it's not good situation for Sony.
Which doesn't make much sense since with shipped more than 4m units Move could sell anywhere between like 500k and 3.5m without shortage.

KwietStorm_BLM4547d ago

What do software sales or support have to do with the hardware numbers the two peripherals are bringing in? You know, the point of the article..

ct034547d ago

Absolutely nothing. The article talks about hardware sales and considers every fact that's been made public.

Seljoru, if you believe to see any bias at all in this article then you're the one who's biased.

Koolno4547d ago

@ct03, making better sells looking like : "sony is in trouble" is a bias, like every "ps3 don't sellvery well" "bluray is doomed" articles we have seen from the past.

coolfool4547d ago

with a name like "Hayley" isn't the reporter likely to be a she?

GenericUserName4548d ago

5 times more? Gees that is brutal! I'd release shipped numbers only too if I was getting whipped that badly. Looking forward to more complaints aimed at Microsoft for marketing and advertising their product

GamerPS3604547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

nah, I let u buy all the kinects. I hope you like the games coming out for it ;)

By the way, how's that playing from lazy couch "one of the console's merit" working for you?

frostypants4547d ago

How much fun are those sales? Do they have good gameplay?

worldgames4547d ago

Its gonna get a bit hot under the t-shirt in here.

Balt 4547d ago

Someone, somewhere is always going to be unhappy. The most vocal usually end up being heard the best. Take from it what you will.

Motion controllers are alienating an audience no matter how you cut it. And, on the xbox 360, that audience is the core gamer. That tells me Kinect has a very short shelf life.

GamerPS3604547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

or Kinect has very long or even permanent life and core 360 has short life.
Choose your side wisely :D
I'd not be surprised if next xbox comes like nintendo did with Wii.

ElementX4547d ago

"I'd not be surprised if next xbox comes like nintendo did with Wii."

Personally, I have no idea what you're trying to say. Please explain in proper English. I'm not sure if your meaning is lost in translation, but I don't understand.

RememberThe3574547d ago

Get off your grammar high-horse. He's saying that it wouldn't be a surprise to him if MS launched their next console with only the next Kinect camera and no actual controller.

Really, stop calling people out for their grammar when you need to work on you comprehension.

GamerPS3604547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

@ elementx
I know my English is not as good as some of you American or English born people but You sould be able to understand what I meant.
If not then welcome to "United States of Mexico" :D

I love it when certain people pick on me because of Grammer, yet they understand me very well once I start cursing :).

JoeReno4547d ago

@ elementx

I think he is trying to say that he thinks the next xbox will be very very casual friendly, and the core fanbase for the 360 will be the middle child of the bunch.... ignored

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