Ed Boon Says New Mortal Kombat is the Game Fans Have Asked For

Ed Boon interview on MK from VGA

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scar204548d ago

Sweet can't wait.I wonder if we can get a hd remake of shaolin monks and the other 3 mk games on a blu ray with trophies and online support.That would be killer.

Yi-Long4547d ago

...but I don't remember the fans asking for DLC-milking....

fight4love4547d ago

yea i noticed. good old 2d fighter.

FunAndGun4547d ago

It's bout time!

Have to say, this new MK looks HOT!

Genki4547d ago

Where have I heard that before?

I'm not gonna lie, the game looks sick, but every single title since 4 has claimed to innovate in some way, shape or form. Needless to say, every game in the series since then has been a disaster.

I do have high hopes for this game, especially with the recent news about Kratos, but I'm not holding my breath until I get a demo at the very least. Here's to hoping that my old favorite franchise returns to glory.

n to the b4547d ago

you think adding Kratos makes the new MK cool?? :/

(and no, I'm not hating on Kratos because he's the PS mascot. adding COD character(s) is just as bad.)

"Ed Boon Says New Mortal Kombat is the Game Fans Have Asked For"

excuse me, Mr. Boon. I don't remember asking for [email protected] cross-overs.

reeks of cheap/corny IMO.

Deathstroke4547d ago

Kratos isn't even in the story mode so I don't see how this will mess up the feel of Mortal Kombat. I mean he's a perfect fit for the series seeing as how he always goes to hell & back, kills gods, and he's no stranger to fatalities.

If you're really that mad about it then just get the 360 version as that version won't have any cross-overs. I don't see why you're complaining about free bonus content though.

n to the b4546d ago

I did not realize only PS3 has cross-overs (this article has both PS3 and 360 tags). bubs+ helpful to you.

but I still think cross-overs should be reserved for cartoony soul calibur games, if at all. and really I'd prefer soul calibur to have a more appealing aesthetic since the tight combat is so much more grownup than the graphical style IMO... although 'cartoony' can be done right - see littlebigplanet.

4547d ago
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