Group Chat in next Dash Update?

While talking to a distributor for MS today I was told a new update is in the works. He went on to describe how Microsoft Reps told him that before the "Official Summer Season" has ended a new update roll-out for Xbox Live would be implemented. This may not seem a big deal, however he mentions "Group Chat" was in the works. He stated that up to 4 players could communicate by Seasons end over Xbox Live.

Hopefully we can put those "Private Chat" days behind us.

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BIadestarX6066d ago

Good news... but, I hope they can make it for at least 8 people.

Fuzz McDeath6066d ago

...but can't say I agree, 8 is too many. Like chatting in the Halo 2 lobby - just too many voices to have a coherent conversation.

'sides, I don't even have 8 xbox live friends on which I am on speaking terms :) - but that's a personal problem.

SEER6066d ago

I'm grateful for this but this sort of feature shouldn't have taken so long, should it??

Evil6066d ago

This is still cool SON.

Mikey_Gee6064d ago

This is a long welcomed featured I have been waiting for tooooooo long !!