PS3 Sound Hack/Fix with Demos

Tony from Enragedamigos writes a tutorial on how PS3 sound issues with certain demos can be fixed.


"Considering the lack of games and demos the PS3 currently has to offer you can imagine my frustration at realizing that some game demos wouldn't output sound. I did notice a pattern, only EA (Electronic Arts) sports demos seem to have the problem. It first occurred with Nascar 08, then Tiger Woods 08, and finally NBA 08 but oddly enough NBA 07 worked just fine...."

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Tsalagi4057d ago

I had to do this with the Motorstorm and Stranglehold demo's. If i didn't all i would hear is loud hissing.

PimpHandHappy4057d ago

i never downloaded a EA demo thou

kalistyles4057d ago

i had the exact same problems with the exact same demo's. I also have a Kenwood Surround sound system and most of my games work fine except the EA games. They would just shut my speakers off. I wrote to EA, called Sony and sent a letter and couldnt find anyone who could help. Awsome find Merc3nary.