Leo Laporte talks tech, gaming and podcasting.

XBL Radio has a fascinating one hour conversation with Leo Laprote. Listen as you'll hear intresting talk about the Console Wars and what mistakes may be made. Listen to Laporte's views on podcasting and what the future holds for the industry. Then get exclusive info about his future book. It's a candid non-stop and uncut talk about all things tech.

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25 Most Played / Supported Adult Games of 2024

The best-selling adult games in the market, along with their revenue figures.

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Petebloodyonion14h ago

I guess these companies didn't call Sweet baby inc. for help.

Yui_Suzumiya13h ago

Don't forget Nukitashi 2 which just came out 😆

notachance13h ago

I bet this is gonna be one of those article which gets to hot even though there's only a few comments because people are too busy clicking the link 🤣


MobyGames celebrates 25 years and teases what's next for them

"We’re delighted to share that MobyGames, the authoritative online video game database resource, turns 25 today. Since its founding, MobyGames has been on a mission to meticulously catalog all relevant information about video games and the individuals or organizations behind them, and, of course, the instantly recognizable whale mascot. Please join the community, the MobyGames team, and Atari in celebrating this milestone." - MobyGames.


ESTNN Exclusive: Interview With Bandle Tale Developers Pavel Malakhov & Evgeniy Mikhailov

I got to sit down with Pavel Malakhov & Evgeniy Mikhailov, two of the developers behind the sixth League of Legends Story standalone game, Bandle Tale.