VGA Viewing Numbers Decrease For Fourth Consecutive Year

You’d think a show that’s packed with celebrities, new game announcements and awesome trailers would draw a pretty sizable crowd – well, apparently that’s not the case at all.

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CrzyFooL3689d ago

They had bigger reveals but less viewers. Ouch.

Mystogan3689d ago

I didn't watch it either i just waited till the videos showed up on N4G.

....Thats totally not what i did, i fell asleep lol.

captain-obvious3689d ago

i think all the gaming community should just ditch the VGA's
they are a joke

Pacman3213689d ago

Yeah i just laughed when people compared VGA to E3.

ProjectVulcan3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Halve the number of adverts, halve the number of Z grade jokes which i found either pointlessly obnoxious or exceptionally patronising, give the show a lot more intelligence. No need for pretentiousness, just acknowledge viewers are educated. With this will come credibility where these awards have MEANING.

Which is rather the point of award shows and awards in general. Doesn't actually matter if you give out a piece of paper or a solid gold diamond covered statue, what counts is building up credibility and genuine desirability for a coveted award.

When people watching and people involved genuinely see the awards as an accomplishment or aspiration then you are likely to have yourselves an unmissable event for the millions and millions of gamers out there....

Christopher3689d ago

Doesn't matter how big the reveals are when they're on the Web only an hour after they were aired. They need to change the format overall.

Mystogan3689d ago

An hour? more like 10 minutes lol.

xTruthx3689d ago

Same could be said about e3 tho, but e3 its all about developers and their games

Christopher3689d ago

Nah, E3 is a geekfest. You get to go demo games, meet developers, get swag, and hang out with people you normally only talk to on the Web. And there's a lot that happens at E3 that doesn't make it to the Web (parties and meals with various developers and the such).

Batmau53689d ago

I thought the NPH would bring em out!

jaredhart3689d ago

I think they need an Angry Joe vs Geoff Keighly Steel cage match for next year's ratings

dagamdagee3689d ago

I’ve never watched the VGAs personally. I actually kinda miss the days when E3 was the premiere source for new game news. Now games are being exposed in a trickle-down effect that just kills the buzz for me.

-Mezzo-3689d ago

Well, you have got to put on a big show, i don't know hwy are they having such a hard time realizing that.

They are just bringing in big Celebrities and are hoping that the viewer-ship will increase.

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The story is too old to be commented.