Heavenly Sword May Be Killer App For PS3

Heavenly Sword has been well received from critics as it has received a 9 and an 8.75 from GameInformer, with a full PCN review expected this week.

With scores coming in this high the PS3 is apparently on one hell of a roll. Warhawk released last week to some amazing sales as it topped 100,000 units sold and now Heavenly Sword is ready to unleash and provide PS3 owners with some God of War type action goodness.

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Shadow Flare4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

that proves the critics and reviews wrong. Alot of reviews were around the 8.5 mark (whis is still a good score), yet i predict this game will sell well over a million at the least.

All i know is, when i played the demo, (while short) it was fantastic. The graphics are the best i've seen, the gameplay is great, the sound and cinematics are brilliant. The adverts for this game are likewise spectacular and will make loads of people realise what the ps3's capable of. It truely is a breath-taking game though, i love the scenery in it

Heavenly Sword FTW

TriggerHappy4058d ago

Is got potential to be one of the best games on the PS3 . Resistance and Warhawk are already at the TOP. Who knows ? This might join them up there.

Crazyglues4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

I do feel it will sell well. A million copies maybe longterm if at all but not early. Not this year. I think the reviews have made some people think twice.

I think it will do more like a little under 500k because the hype has come down a little and it faces a little competition from other games that will be coming out soon. -forcing people to maybe rent it as oppose to buying it.

But I think it will do well. (Just not a million copies) I still feel like I need Assassins Creed before I need Heavenly Sword.

Maddens Raiders4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Way to go out on a limb there 1.2 -are you running for Congress? 8D

btw - I didn't disagree w/ you. That was probably zhuk the primate.

Skynetone4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

I pressed two buttons for ten minutes, At one stage i looked away from the screen for a minute still pressing the same two buttons and still managed to kill all the enemys



gerrard have you played the demo, if not dont be making pointless comments, i guess you think nascar 08 is another sony AAA title

making pointless comments makes you look like a sony droid

When you can finish a demo blindfolded theres something wrong great graphics are not

Why EDGE UK gave Heavenly Sword 6/10

i think this says it all in my book

nasim4057d ago

ps3 will be in a killing spreee this SEPTEMBER with the Trio.

in UK and EU expect to see the ps3 sales jump multiple fold.
The ps3 is already doing well in those 2 territories and is beating the x360 3:1

gerrard4057d ago

or is it MC FOOL K? don't buy it then and quit your whining

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Zhuk4058d ago

A largely forgettable title considering its reviews

trane074058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

Says the 360 fandick who trolls constantly in the ps3 news area like some fool. Your 360 must be in for repairs since I see you here every hour on the hour.



Game Informer


Cheat Code Central

Game Revolution

Electronic Gaming Monthly

Pelit (Finland




of course a 360 fanboy would call a ps3 only game forgetful. Thats what you console fanboys do!!

TOM4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

To see someone "every hour on the hour" ,you have to be here every hour too. Whats wrong ,broken ps3 ,or dont have one? I notice you dont have any gamer tags.

trane074057d ago

"every hour on the hour" was to explain that everytime im here, he is as well, and he doesn't even like the ps3. Common since could tell you that. Have any? think not.

And what does having a ps3 has to do with looking at ps3 only news on ps3 I'd rather look at news, then troll it's comments boards like ol fool zhuk just loves to do.

Kadajvs4057d ago

a forgettable title are you sniffing the heat from your 360 or something. I'm a supervisor at best buy and we've sold out of pre-orders and that i know of all gamestops have too. This will sell over a million copies in less than a year and so will warhawk. I have a 360 as well but once i buy Halo 3 and ME and alot of other people will to0 i'm sure...what else do i have to look forward to. In the long run my PS3 is gonna be getting all the playing time so my 360 wont have to worry about getting the red rings of death because it wont be getting played.

razer4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

What Best Buy do you work at? I want to make sure I never go there! Especially when the slanted BB Manager says nothing beyond H3 and ME for the 360.. I know you guys only make $8 or something an hour and you are probably still in HS, but that is some very uneducated fanboy bullcrap your spewing there.

Alan Wake is just one of many I'm looking forward too past H3 and ME.

On Topic: I will be purchasing this game and I think it should be good. Killer app or system seller I don't think so.

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TheExecutive4058d ago

I dont see this selling under a million copies. It will sell very well. When it hits that million mark is unknown, but it will hit it. Probably by early next year. It will move SOME systems, but not a ton. We shall see if it comes out in a starter pack. It will be a very good game though.

gololo4058d ago

Screw the reviews...I played the demo and I liked it a lot...and if it comes close to God of War (1 or 2) it will be well worth it!!!

sajj3164058d ago

I'll be one of at least a million potential buyers