Activision Hate is Akin to PS3 Bashing a Couple Years Back, says Publishing CEO

Remember how much the core gaming audience used to hate EA? While some of that sentiment persists, much of the disdain has been shifted to Activision Blizzard over the last couple years. CEO Bobby Kotick and the company as a whole have become the new "evil" publisher and the whole Infinity Ward situation certainly didn't help matters.

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donniebaseball2918d ago

Nice try Activision, but no... just no.

Christopher2918d ago

Does this include the same bashing Activision gave to Sony when they practically 'demanded' that Sony cut their consoles prices or they'd stop making games for it?

hay2918d ago

I don't hate them, I just refuse to buy their products. Starcraft 2 was the only exception.
Preowned Prototype doesn't count.

-Alpha2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

That was a lulzy attempt at bluffing.

Let's face it, Activision was never going to drop support for PS3.

thematrix12982918d ago

I wish they would drop support for PS3 so we can focus on better release. They are not doing any good by releasing half done games on PS3.

mandf2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

There are 150 million plus this gen consoles on the market. COD sales are around 10 million each for each COD. They sell to less than 10% of the market. The problem is like Madden football new coat of paint ,updated roster and bang a yearly game. This business model will make the industry go stagnant. Developers are copycats for the most part in the industry. They see the sales and are afraid to try something new. That is why I hate Activision. They are arrogant because of gamers who buy what marketing tells them is hot. COD4 was hot for it's time after that Madden syndrome. My advice for new gamers is to try other games to see that COD is a mediocre game compared to a lot of other games out there.

Edit They never polish half of their ip's either. Patch upon release or weeks after is getting old.

UCMEandICU2918d ago

Gee, I thought it was all a conspiracy spewed only by PS3 "fanboys" :/

Fun cause Activision were part of that PS3 bashing too and now they pull this out their butts lol. Nice one Activision, nice one.

DORMIN2918d ago

I LOL'd, Not really.

People said the PS3 was doomed.

People said Activision are money hungry wh0rez.

Only one of those things have been proven wrong...

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Pillage052918d ago

thas weird, I seem to remember activision being a part of that bashing...

xAlmostPro2918d ago

i'll belive the guy the day COD(for example) uses ps3 as the lead console platform..

Bloodlyte2918d ago

I can understand the frustration, but this HATE thing is just plain stupid.

People act like this gaming industry is some kind of charity.

Mappacks for example are idd damn expensive but should you blame activision or the people that buy it...

ITS ALL BUSINESS PEOPLE!! ( see the VGA's lol )

donniebaseball2918d ago

True. A company is a company, and even the so called "good" ones ultimately just care about profits, not the gamers. Activision just seems to be a bit more blatant about it.

ThatArtGuy2918d ago

Of course all companies care about profits. The problem is when companies care about profits more then their customers. Good companies will want to foster a good relationship with their customers to generate profits. Lesser companies will simply look at the bottom line and won't care where the money is coming from.
As a consumer, I will buy from a company that generates trust with their attitude and product than one that simply throws what they have at me and charge a premium for it.

Karum2918d ago

I disagree and I'll tell you why.

Yes companies are in business to make money but the smart ones know that looking after their customers and doing right by them keep them coming back for more and they are likely to gain more custom by word of mouth and of course marketing.

Yes, ultimately it is a pursuit of money but the way in which some companies actively go about it is what matters. I mean would you paint a company like Insomniac Games with the same brush as you would Activision and say all they really care about is my money? I would doubt it.

-Alpha2918d ago

Image is a big thing and if you don't have a good one then it's probably for a good one

UltimateIdiot9112918d ago

Ever heard of the saying that goes "You scratch my back and I'll scratch your back."

Same rule applies to business. Customers are not likely to return if you don't treat them right. Treat them right, and customers would be glad to do business.

Business is a two way street, except for a monopoly.

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Baka-akaB2918d ago

or put it that way ...
If you actually produce good games , i wont hate you for being greedy .

They all are indeed , but bring something worthwhile to the table , unlike activision for the most part .

hell to illustrate the example , i'll happily hate EA again , if they revert back to their crap

gamingdroid2918d ago

I find it ironic that people complain about it being worthwhile, yet if a large amount of people actually paid $15 per map pack doesn't that suggest that it was worthwhile?

Maybe not for you, but then that is a different issue....

Baka-akaB2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

obviously since i dont finance them , there is hardly anything ironic in my dislike of the company .

Hardly my fault if not everyone stay true to their words and threats , or if they are outgunned by more customers .

deadreckoning6662918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I don't "hate" Activision and I don't see what whining about it on the Internet will achieve. If gamers don't like Activision...then maybe they should look in a mirror and assess the true problem....THEMSELVES. You can't be greedy if no one buys your games.

The same people who complain about Activision tend to be the same ones who keep buying their games. Yes, Activision is greedy...but the majoirity of gamers ALLOW it to happen.

Main point: Blame the GAMERS who DEMAND a new COD game every year.

"Of course all companies care about profits. The problem is when companies care about profits more then their customers. Good companies will want to foster a good relationship with their customers to generate profits."

Thats the thing right there. If the majority of PS3/360 owners buy a game from the SAME franchise EVERY YEAR...doesn't that mean that there is a "good' relationship between the publisher and the customer?

If gamers "supposedly" hate Activision...why are COD games selling more and more each year?

Baka-akaB2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

"If gamers "supposedly" hate Activision...why are COD games selling more and more each year? "

Tired of that argument personally .
two things :

n4g is a drop in the ocean , so a few of us boycotting cod means squat in the long schemes . It's too easy to claim they still bought the game without even a shred of proof .

How is that of any relevance anyway and supposed to shut up the naysayers ? Are we supposed to just blindly accept "the inescapable fate" ?

Now back to the drop in the ocean thing . Last we checks , there are at least over 150 millions gaming consoles this generation ... and probably at least as many gaming pcs .

COD might be one of the top selling current franchises , but looking from that perspective ... it's yet another drop in the ocean , a bucket of water , with far more gamers not interested in cod .

Ducky2918d ago

^ ... If CoD is a drop in the ocean, then what does that make everything else?

Dead's got a point, it's the consumer that lets them get away with it, so why blame the company?

Parapraxis2918d ago

"I don't see what whining about it on the Internet will achieve"
Yeah, let's NOT be vocal...real bright Dead.

The only reason Activision realizes that people dislike a lot of their practices is due to people "whining" on the internet.

Market pressure is one thing, but any good and savvy company seeks consumer feedback.

Baka-akaB2918d ago


Like i said , it's one of the top franchise ... but with at least 130 millions of gamers whom didnt care to buy it , it's far from representing everyone ... unlike what's often said in the medias and around here .

PinkFunk2918d ago

@dead, it seems to boil down to two different types of people. The ones who will perpetuate the system (blindly or not), and those who take responsibility in their own hands and act based on their good judgement.

I'm not blaming anyone for liking COD, it's built on a good engine (though somehow with each new iteration it seems to keep on delivering a buggy mess). Overall, it's a fun experience. I wouldn't say it's worth 60$, but someone else might.

I blame Activision for not having any integrity. I mean, one looks at other publishers and developers for any genre, whether gaming or literature, and you find people who care about their work so much that they personally seek to evolve and improve each iteration of their work. That's something I personally respect, and that's where my business goes.

With that said, I don't mind if you buy COD, or everyone else does. I know I won't.

@Baka, "Are we supposed to just blindly accept "the inescapable fate"?" good question. :) It's important to form your own opinions about these sorts of things, and act on your judgement.

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militant072918d ago

So if you wake up in the morning and you find everything's price went up 3000% because its business, It will be OK for you?

Bloodlyte2918d ago

I wont buy it, but as deadreckoning666 states, if people will buy it, there is no reason for them not to do it. That's my whole point.

cyguration2918d ago

Thank you. Bubbles for you.

I'm so tired of the people sticking up for these greedy dastards with stupid comments like "It's just business"

It'll always be about the "bottom line" but doesn't mean we have to stand by idly while they rape our wallets and churn patch-worthy releases that's just a texture-remap of the previous year's outing.

Dang, some of the stupid people on here are proof of why Activision is doing so well at milking the industry dry. Sort of like AIG or Enron, with a bunch of idiots saying "Well, it's just business".

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Sinner101GR2918d ago

Maybe they shouldn't fire dedicated guys whom they owe a lot of money too next time?

PirateThom2918d ago

Didn't Activision threaten to stop making PS3 games at one point?

saoco2918d ago

yea that BO is the last COD game, it's the only Activision product i buy....

Trunkz Jr2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I couldn't agree more. I was expecting a lot more from Black Ops, but in the end, it played very much like CoD4 (I never got MW2, I canceled my pre-order via no Dedicated Servers)

So I won't be buying any more CoD's unless they make a huge change to the game, and I doubt they will. One company will make the CoD game, and the other will just take the coding, paste it and work on it from there...

I'll stick with EA and look forward to Battlefield 3 - In the end I prefer Teamwork when it comes to FPS.

saoco2918d ago

:) hey i have an idea....FIX BLACK OPS!

Yes i can complain, i paid 60 dollars for an unplayable game. Put my money to work Treyarch.

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