Sonic 3, Neutopia II and Play Action Football Hit Virtual Console

This week's North American Virtual Console release sees the completion of the first half of the last entry (you'll see what Nintendic means) of SEGA's biggest mascot's adventures on the company's Genesis system; the follow-up to The Legend of Zelda's 'spiritual sequel' and an impressive-for-its-time NES American football title.

- Sonic 3 (SEGA Genesis, 1-2 Players, 800 Wii Points)
- Neutopia II (TurboGrafx-16, 1 Player, 600 Wii Points)
- NES Play Action Football, 1-2 Players, 500 Wii Points)

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shodown194057d ago

I wonder if Michael Jackson's music will be in this port of Sonic 3.

djt234057d ago

Sonic 3 yes
i might try out Neutopia II