Devil May Cry 4: Hands-on preview for Xbox 360

The combat in Devil May Cry 4 is at times reminiscent of a perfectly choreographed and stylish ballet, with fluid spiraling movements and technically impressive spins, gyrations and pirouettes.

The strength of the game lies in the variation of combat techniques and the way it all blends together to create an inviting and accessible hack 'n slash title. Fans of the series look set to be enthralled yet again, whilst the series is almost certain to adopt a new legion of fans upon its release early next year.

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Dannagar4147d ago

When is this game expected to come out? This year?

acetw1n4147d ago

my ps3 has thin layer of dust on it right now,
it will proboly be out in early 08 some around march

solidt124147d ago

Dude if you are a dirty person than that is your problem. Dusk of your PS3 and Play some games. There are plenty of good games out to date on the PS3 so don't give me that.

solidt124147d ago

Im tired of seeing previews for multi-pplatform game where they state Xbox 360 or PS3, the dang game is coming out on both systems so just state it is the Devil May Cry preview. If it is on Multi- System then don't list just one of them list them all or none. It's like they are trying to give the 360 credit for something that is not just on the 360.

acetw1n4146d ago

i just wont a kick a$$ game like devil may cry,mgs or god of war 3 , anything.Sure the games right now or cool but its been almost a year now and there just coming out with secound rate games. the game i play the most is tekken ,but even thats a ps2 remake.I need action sony not trailers. dont get me wrong ,i just wont developers to catch up with the system.


Not much of a preview there. Last release date I heard was:

Devil May Cry 4 - 3/2008