Rumour: Zelda Crossbow news very soon?

Rumour has it that Nintendo will today lift the lid on a new Zelda game called Zelda Crossbow Training, which will be based around play with the recently touted Wii Zapper peripheral. The new Zelda game, and the rather clever controller you'll be playing it with, will apparently be demonstrated to GameStop store managers in a Las Vegas presentation today.

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snoop_dizzle4057d ago

but i pray this isn't coming out unless it a full out zelda game and i have a feeling it isn't :(

Adamalicious4057d ago

If this is true it seems like they're moving towards a 1:1 game to peripheral ratio. Peripherals that don't really add anything to gameplay, to me, kinda feel like cash-ins.

Kholinar4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Probably more like 20 to 1 at this point, which is still higher than what we're used to.

Whether they're moving to that is hard to speculate. I really doubt it though. Eventually parents do get tired of constant peripherals. These are just launch goodies.

Someone in another post on this said the real fun in this is with mapping both controllers' movements around a fixed center. I'm inclined to agree. This might make even more complex wiimote functions more viable... such as sword swinging or bayonet stabbing/hitting someone with the butt of your rifle. Imagine a Final Fantasy game with real-time battling using gunblades. yeah...

Cat4056d ago

ugh, more (gimmicky) peripherals? guitar hero controllers are one thing, this is getting wildly silly. I agree with Adamalicious, if they don't really contribute to gameplay, it's just a cash-in.