Rumor: remaining MvC3 roster - Akuma, Jean Grey and more

Sorry, no Phoenix Wright even though he was planned

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Chuk53772d ago

No effin' Megaman!
Is this a sick joke?

Mit3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Megaman is in it. I coulda sworn I read something about it....anyways, where's my boy strider!?!?!!?

EDIT: sorry chuck Megaman got cancelled....and how are they leaving out venom!? yeah I'm waiting for a GOTY edition so they can add all the cancelled as "DLC" later...Freakin jerks.

scar203772d ago

@mit he was taken out there was an article a few weeks ago as to why.Here you go.

Cheeseknight283772d ago

No Megaman in this game would be like no Link in Super Smash, or no Sub-Zero in Mortal Kombat. He's the face of Capcom, it makes no sense to not include him. Especially since Tron Bonne and Zero are here too!

RockmanII73771d ago

Oh, look at that, the leaker admitted to being a troll.

DeckUKold3772d ago

Where is Ken??? I am a heavy duty mvc2 player online psn:Coldk6 and I use ken %90 of the time why the hell would they leave out Ken and bring in Akuma it just doesn't make any sense if you are gonna add 2 u might as well add all 3.

dericb113772d ago

Ken really does not need to be in this game to be honest. He is a great fighter but really does not fill out the roster in anyway. Everyone asking for Megaman makes all the since in the world but Ken really is not the best person to all. Hell I hope the Akuma rumor is false because I really don't feel like seeing full Shoto teams because that is all people know.

PS3gamer4life3772d ago

where is Ken come on Capcom...

Marceles3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Jean Grey better be able to turn into Phoenix

Edit: Never mind...title should've said Akuma, Phoenix, and more

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The story is too old to be commented.