No stylus control for Guitar Hero DS

At the Austin Game Developers Conference yesterday, Adrian Earle, design manager for Vicarious Visions, let slip on a few details concerning Guitar Hero on the Nintendo DS.

When asked about the graphical style of Guitar Hero on the portable console, Earle stated that they are actually consistent with those on other formats (with 3D backgrounds intact), rather than something perhaps toned down and simplified for the portable version.

More surprising, however, is that unlike Ubisoft's Jam Sessions (which has players using the stylus to strum away at the touch screen), Earle revealed that Guitar Hero DS would not use the stylus as its primary control input. Nintendic had already learnt that RedOctane had a unique peripheral planned for the DS version of the guitar simulator, but the revelation that the stylus is being completely ousted may surprise some gamers.

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MACHone4056d ago

...if somehow you could pump the DS's volume controller higher than its limit, so when you're playing this on the go, a least a good radius of people will know how righteously you're rockin' out.