Platinum games dominate gamespot’s nominees for GOTY 2010

This year’s spike VGA was disappointing. Many great games weren’t nominated while some not worthy games got nominated. Don’t get me wrong, Red Dead Redemption really deserve to take the crown as the best game of the year, but if you look closely, the show was about the best selling games of 2010, not the best games of 2010.

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hardcore19123774d ago

Platinum games deserve all the praise, they delivered two of the best games of this generation this year.

immortal843774d ago

I agree. What I like about Platinum games that they make games that feels like a game. Pure fun.

NovusTerminus3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

While I did not beat Bayonetta because I could not stand the slutty nature of the game, I will admit that it was fun, and handled well. Sadly I do not have the money for Vanquish right now. And I REALLY want to play it.

But I am glad that Platinum games did so good.

Rikitatsu3774d ago

Bayonetta was the only Hack & Slash that was nominated.

The competition was quickly forgotten, since they lack the reply value or gameplay brilliance that keeps you coming over and over again.

Shiny models or good voice acting doesn't do that to you.

jammydude3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

God of war 3 was hardly quickly forgotten. Hence the better reviews and better sales than Bayonetta

edit: @ any disagrees
I'm really not trying to bash it, Bayonetta is a good game and that's why I bought it (aside from dat ass)
here's the proof of what I said before @87 professional score, 7.6 user score @92 professional score, 8.6 user score
According to VGchartz (according to sony GOW3 is @ 4M sold, but for the sake of comparison) God of War 3 is at 3.40M sold, whereas on PS3 vanquish is at 0.81M sold. Even when sales from all platforms are combined, Bayonetta has sold 1.53M which is less than half of Vgchartz' number for GOW3

crematory3774d ago


are calling bayonetta with no replay value?!
if so u didnt play bayonetta and u dont know what are u talk about

Redempteur3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

actually rikitatsu said that the competition lack the replay value of bayonnetta has

Learn to read next time .

Not that i agree with him or anything but at least in that post of his , that point was clear.

Sarevok3774d ago

Mm...How come Bayonetta is not in MK, but Kratos is?

deadreckoning6663774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@jammydude- According to a certain group on this site, Metacritic stopped being realiable once GT5 got an 84 metacritic rating. And this same group says that Vgchartz isn't reliable either since they purposely undertrack the PS3.

Please follow the unwritten rules of N4G :)

creatchee3774d ago


God of War III will never be forgotten. It was epic.

I loved Bayonetta and Vanquish too though, and Platinum deserves recognition for putting out two games of such a high caliber this year!

guzman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Well look at all the GoW fangirls like jammydude and co. getting all flustered because their favorite, half-naked, buffed up(no homo..really), gyro-eating Greek doucher got kicked to the curb by a bullet timing witch. Say jammy, wanna know why Gow sells so well? Because any cretin with two opposable thumbs and half a brain can beat it. Gow is "baby's first hack and slash", maybe when your voice stops crackling and your balls drop you'll feel like stepping up to a real H&S like Ninja Gaiden Black (which incidentally has a higher review average than anything Gow related, since you seem so preoccupied with reviews). Gow is very much the Mortal Kombat of hack and slashers, a game that masks it's weak gameplay with laughable amounts of violence and spectacle to keep the easily amused satisfied.

guzman3774d ago

@Sarevok: Bayonetta isn't in MK because Platinum would never want one of their characters in the laughing stock of fighting games. Ever wonder why MK is never played at EVO fighting tournements? Because it's ass.

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Rikitatsu3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

God of War is a Western "Franchise", of course it will sell more.

As for better reviews, that's not true, Most Major outlets gave Bayonetta better reviews, despite being a New Japanese IP, including IGN, EDGE, Famitsu, etc..

And no, Metacritic is not an indication of better reviews since its not consistent with its sources. (Even at Metacritic there is only a 0.2 difference)

Bayonetta already won a GOTY award (IGN UK)... God of War 3? None.

I still doesn't see the relevance of Sales and Critical acclaim to the fact that the game was forgotten.

Its a fact that God of War is shorter and doesn't have half the replay value Bayonetta does (That game was packed with extra contents, modes, etc...)

EDIT: lol @ your "Edit"... Comparing GoW3 with the PS3 Version of Bayonetta? Why didn't you pick the 360 one? which is currently at 90? Pathetic really.

Arguing about sales which have nothing to do with the original point of the game being forgotten (and using VGchartz to boot).

You do not understand what you are talking about.

jammydude3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I'm sorry, what?
I was "pathetic" for picking the PS3 version of bayonetta for a comparison against a PS3 game? LOL OK THEN the 360 version is at 90, GOW3 is still higher rated....

So what if God Of War is a "Western 'Franchise'" is Final Fantasy not an eastern franchise? Gran Turismo? Monster Hunter? I do understand your point but the Japanese do buy great games and they buy a lot of them judging by those series' sales.

Tell me, if a game is reviewed better and sells better can you "still doesn't see the relevance" of why I say God Of War was not "quickly forgotten" and why it may just outshine Bayonetta's "gameplay brilliance" to a large number of people? You honestly think there is NEVER any correlation between reviews and sales and a game's greatness? GOW3 (even on gamespot) has been nominated for more awards than Bayonetta by the way.

Heck, God Of War 3's story mode lasts between 8-12 hours (I can provide multiple credible sources from top reviewers) and it's challenge modes and multiple skins provide even more replay value. Despite this Bayonetta's overall playtime is still longer. However, one could argue that 20 hours of one of the most polished single player experiences in a hack n' slash game to date is far superior to 40 hours of [insert degrading comment about slutty Japanese stereotypes in games here] - I would not agree with this, but this is something that has come up in the past and it's an understandable point.

Figures you would put down another hack n' slash game anyway, since you're a well known Bayonetta fanboy(/girl?)

I am ashamed to say I own the game you are so fanatic over to be honest. However it is still a very good game, despite your personal obsessions. Personally my preference is with God of War 3 but if I were to rate my experiencee with Bayonetta I would still give it a very deserving 8.5 for all the things it does right :)

DevilishSix3774d ago

I totally agree with you here and I really adore the GOW franchise. The facts are that from a gameplay standpoint (which is what really matters the most) it hands down takes GOW 3 and wipes the floor with it. Also, GOW is short with no replay value, whereas Bayonetta has tons of weapons to unlock and an entirely new mode to unlock if your good enough.

justinb13774d ago

I 100% agree with you Jammydude, Rikitatsu has no idea of what he is talking about. I've seen him around here for a while now and all he does is bash other games and proclaim Bayonetta as "ZOMG DA BEST GAEM EVAR!!!1"
GOW3 despite its brilliant critical acclaim cannot be a good game to him. Even though in most peoples eyes it wipes its ass with Bayonetta he cannot accept it as even a decent game because its in the same category as it.

Rikitatsu3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Yes Pathetic, considering the PS3 version of Bayonetta had technical issues, thus it was inferior to the 360 one, but anyway...

God of War is a franchise, Bayonetta is a new IP, how the hell can a new IP outsell a multi-million selling franchise... Get my point now?

Sales has nothing to do with the game being forgotten, how the hell can you assume otherwise?! it could mean that those 3 million who bought it shelved it to collect dust after their first playthrough, see? Irrelevant.

And you obviously didn't play both, or else you can see the huge gap in replay value between the two games, GoW3 doesn't even compare.

Like I said Metacritic isn't an indication of universal critical acclaim and the proof that its not consistent (sometimes it counts some sites/magazines and sometimes it leaves them). Yet there is only a 0.2 difference.

If you count major Gaming websites/magazines, you can clearly see that Bayonetta gained better scores.

The GOTY award and nominations it got is just a proof of what I'm talking about.

jammydude3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

No, pathetic is calling someone pathetic for comparing a PS3 game to... guess what... a PS3 game. Even when you've picked and chosen which platform's reviews we're talking about GOW3 is still rated higher. Metacritic is indeed an indication of universal critical acclaim as it aggregates major reviewer's scores into an average. This resulted in a descrepency of between 0.2-0.5 out of 10 between the two games, let alone the whole point discrepency between thousands of users' reviews for GOW3 versus Bayonetta, showing God Of War 3 is at least on par with Bayonetta and critically surpassing it.

God Of War 1 was a new IP and even that sold more than Bayonetta.... so was FF1, GT1 etc. So no, even now your point still does not make sense.

Sales has nothing to do with a game being forgotten? hmm, your logic behind that one is kinda funny. If a game consistently, even now, almost a year from release, sells very well - better than Bayonetta even - has it been forgotten? If people are still buying and playing it has it been forgotten? If people have been recommended to buy it from others has it been forgotten? I hope you can see how saying there's "no correlation" is idiotic. Especially as hardly anyone bought Bayonetta in the first place, a much more credible argument would be that Bayonetta was forgotten because noone went to buy it, that it was never though of in the first place. However how 'forgotten' a game is does not determine how good it is, there are many games (including Bayonetta) that I have enjoyed despite them not being critical successes.

I did play both hence my statement that Bayonetta may offer ~15 more hours of replay value than GOW3. You may not have played both, but I have. One could argue that 20 hours of one of the most polished single player experiences in a hack n' slash game to date is far superior to 40 hours of [insert degrading comment about slutty Japanese stereotypes in games here] - I would not agree with this, but this is something that has come up in the past and it's an understandable point.

The higher number of award nominations that God Of War 3 has received, even from gamespot, is proof that GOW3 is by no means a bad game.

Sarevok3774d ago

Piss off troll.

Rikitatsu3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Bayonetta isn't just a PS3 game, its a mulitplatform game, and you picked the inferior version for comparison, that's what's pathetic.
You're still ignoring my point about the Major outlets, and still insist that the 0.2 in metacritcs means Bayonetta got less scores universally.

GoW 1 or GoW 2 has nothing to do with the argument, We were talking about Bayonetta's competition, which include's GoW3, from what I've played, GoW3 is the worst in the series and the shortest one as well.

You say my logic is funny behind my argument about the game being forgotten yet you present a more ridiculous answer, because the game still sells now (even though you have no proof of that, but OK) the game is not forgotten? Sold copies has nothing to do with replay value, people might buy it AND like it, yet shelve it away or sell it, its just a good 8 hours run, that is all, once you finish it you have no reason to go back, this has nothing to do with the sales, which were generated by the game's marketing, hype, and critics.

In short saying the game is not forgotten and people still play it because the game sold 3.4 millions is THE funny logic.

You say:

"One could argue that 20 hours of one of the most polished single player experiences in a hack n' slash game to date is far superior to 40 hours of [insert degrading comment about slutty Japanese stereotypes in games here]"

What the player thinks about the gameplay is his opinion, but the fact is Bayonetta is longer, has more content and replay value, which is my original point in the first place.

You realize by posting that Gamespot link you proved that Bayonetta was received better than GoW3? You know... Since it was nominated for GOTY, where GoW3 wasn't.

xYokox3774d ago

Well said, Rikitatsu. Great point about sales not being an indication that people necessarily keep on playing it btw.

Claiming that the game got 'better' reviews when the difference is a mere 2 points is laughable. it's just grasping at straws, Bayo got better or the same scores from pretty much every reviewer, it's metascore was brought down a bit by three sites which described it as too niche.

Also, FF has always been the most westernized, most dumbed down, most accessibe franchise. Not that it's a bad thing, but everyone knows it was the only jrpg that sold in the west that well. That argument is idiotic.

Achemki3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

@ DevilishSix
Shattering your "fact" in 3...2...1.
I'll take the worst GOW has to offer over the "best"...whatever that is...of Bayonetta anyday. You say GOW has no replay value. Bayonetta doesn't even have ONE PLAY value. I couldn't bring myself to finish that trash. I think gawking at her swinging her butt like a grandfather clock when she walks has hypnotized some people, lol.

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dc13774d ago

I appreciate the continued expansion of the 'hack in slash' however, to omit GOW3 from the GOTY list is a farce.

....Good for Platinum games.

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alaa3774d ago

I don't understand why Super Street Fighter 4 didn't got nominated for GOTY 2010!!?? It's one of the best fighting games of all time also it has a 92 score on metacritic.

Simon_Brezhnev3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

lol its not one of the best fighting games of all times. I guess every game over 90% on metacritic should be nominated for G0TY.

Vinushka3774d ago

Vanquish and Bayonetta are two of the best games of this generation.

Venox20083774d ago

Platinum games deserves any award they got :) great games :)

DevilishSix3774d ago

The Bayonetta combat system is complexwith alot of different loadouts and attributes resulting in dozens of different combos and gameplay styles. You watch videos on youtube of someone who has mastered Bayonetta and how awesome, fluid, and incredible some of the moves are, you will understand that GOW 3 is lacking in the combat department. It's not even up for discussion.

Achemki3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Sure it's up for discussion, especially if you're over 12. I played it and won't be caught dead playing it again.

Lets review: a Sarah Palin doppelganger who farts butterflies when she jumps, has a stripper pole attack, barbie hair o' doom and brings down hooker boots from the sky. Read that and let it sink in. GOW3 puts the chains to it.

xYokox3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

'if you're over 12.'

'Sarah Palin doppelganger who farts butterflies'

The irony haha...

If anything, GoW is a tasteless, disgusting, near pornographic asinine entertainment. featuring a repulsive dickhead who rapes women and kills everyone in the most gruesome way one can imagine.

Also, when even the lead game designer of GoW agrees with it, surely what they said about battle system is a fact. Unless you have no idea how to play the game.