Why Are You All Ignoring Blue Dragon?

From Kotaku; "Oh, didn't you know? Blue Dragon is out. In the West. In English and everything. And it's being totally ignored. Which having played it non-stop for the past week makes me a little sad. Sure, it does absolutely nothing new, but the old stuff it does, it does with a degree of polish you rarely see outside of a first-party Nintendo title. I love it. Might even be, at time of writing, one of the platform's strongest titles, and it definitely plugs a big hole in the 360's lineup. In fact the game's biggest problem is not its own, it's Microsofts decision to ship it in the second half of 2007. The cupboard was bare earlier this year: had this been released then I'd have played it for months. Now? I don't think I'll get past disc 2 before the downpour starts, and I'll end up retiring it to the cupboard until next year. Which is a damn shame."

resistance1006123d ago

It's simple really. blue dragon's target market doesn't play the 360 IMO

SorenK6123d ago

No that's not it, I love Jrpgs and have been playing them long before the PS systems were the jrpg systems (and I will be getting a PS3 to play FF13 and SO4). The problem is that the characters are not just bland, they are annoying, AND the story is extremely slow and uninteresting (even for 8 or 16bit standards). Those are 2 HUGE problems for a jrpg.

Hopefully Eternal Sonata is a better go than this.

Hayabusa 1176123d ago (Edited 6123d ago )


JRPG's suck! WRPGs FTW!

I have by the way, alot of people on my friends list who have this game, and are all Brits.

tplarkin76123d ago

The reason JRPGs are associated with the PS1/PS2 is that they were the dominant machine.

Anyways, I have bought every JRPG for 360 (except for Enchanted Arms, which I rented and finished.)

Blue Dragon is the best one. I've just finished Disc 1 and it was better than I expected. However, BD is like Skies of Arcadia and Dragon Quest in that the characters are "kiddy". This is a problem for westerners.

JsonHenry6123d ago

I just don't care for Japanese style RPGs. The ONLY Japanese RPG I ever played all the way through and loved every minute of it was XenoGears for the original Playstation.

All of the other RPGs that I have come to love I guess you would call "Western" RPGs.

Lacarious6123d ago

that's why.... maybe it will sell on xmas?

MADGameR6123d ago

compared to FF series. All RPGers are waiting for FFXIII

Lacarious6122d ago

and all 360 RPG'ers will enjoy Mass Effect along with LO and count down the days till Fable 2 hits.

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FirstknighT6123d ago

Simple...if you like pokemon type rpgs than Blue Dragon is a MUST BUY! I personally don't like japanese rpg's.

WafflesID6123d ago

then you don't know the first thing about this game.

alextz6123d ago

That's not necessarily true, when I bought my 360 I bough it assuming that this time around it will have more RPGs than the first Xbox did. In fact, blue dragon was one of the reasons why I bought it.

resistance1006123d ago

Im on about JRPG's.

There is very few on 360 or even coming on 360 so huge fans of JRPGS will probally look elsewhere

Bnet3436123d ago

is a PS2 or DS, because I think PS3 only has Folklore, and that isn't that great.

Violater6123d ago

Have you played folklore??

Jack Bauer6123d ago

they defintitly released it at a bad time... i would have bought it, but other games have taken priotity over it...ill get it eventually tho.

deadpreacher6123d ago

Yea same here! Some day down the road when things slow down. Just to many games now and still the big boys haven't even hit yet. This is a game when there aint nothing else much to play. Yet again by that time there still might be other games to play (Allan Wake comes to mind + afew others)

Zhuk6123d ago (Edited 6123d ago )

I've beaten Blue Dragon and it is in my opinion a pretty good game that does everything right and it has the feel and play of an old school JRPG, depending on your tastes this is a good or bad thing, it plays and feels lot like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy V but with a lot better graphics. It doesn't try to be new or innovative, instead it brings classic gameplay with a high level of polish.

The game is not innovative or brings anything new to the table, its not going to win any awards because of this but for a console that is starved of JRPG's it is a worthy title for anyone who owns a 360 to pick up who enjoys the genre.

Considering this is Mistwalker's first title it is a pretty impressive achievement and if they can bring what should be a more interesting story in Lost Odyssey (that would appeal to a western demographic more) with the same level of polish that was seen in Blue Dragon, I have high hopes for their second title.

Blue Dragon is a solid game and will sell decently, but it does nothing to make it stand out of the crowd that's all. Anyone who does pick it up will probably enjoy it, the impressions on GAF and palgn have been mostly favourable which usually is a decent indicator of what to expect from a title.