5 New Virtua Fighter Movies

Look at movies 15 ,14 , 13, 12 & 11, all these trailers were released August 16th, 2006. Enjoy!

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GamerX25383d ago

I'm a hugh virtua fighter fan. And sega did cruch me by two simple words "Ps3 Exclusive"!!!ps sorry about the harsh words are right there's no need for "personal attack" were are both gamers right!!! I will be playing this game soon or later.. after they lower the price of the ps3 maybe !! but still cool!!

Marty83705383d ago

This is an awesome PS3 Exclusive.

DC RID3R5383d ago

if ms had singed THIS game up alone as an exclusive, 360's would have sold like wildfire over in japan!!!

sony were real smart on this move!!

achira5383d ago

wow, this game is a must have for me. although i want more games than i have money. lol

Scythesean5383d ago

Man this sucks. If I'm paying $600+ for a PS3 and then another $60 for a game I don't want to be confined to a small ring anymore unless it's boxing. I want to start in the ring then through someone out a glass window and follow after them outside and continue the fight. Bushido Blade for the PS1 was so cool because you could do that. Run away and battle in sweet areas or take it to a different part of the area. Why are we confined to rings? Why not start in the mountains and have to worry about falling off the cliff or run down a road and fight in a huge area.

I'm sorry but I want to roam in the games and use the area to battle with not just keep mashing buttons to see the same thing a thousand times. If they want better reply value then let us have bigger Fighting areas.

achira5383d ago

i understand your point. but firstly noone says you to spend 600 bucks. and secondly this is not the final game. wait till launch and than you can make your statements. nevertheless the game looks good and interesting.

Scythesean5383d ago

no don't get me wrong I'm getting a PS3 it's just I expected they would Update these kinds of games by now. They show this beautiful background and you can't doing anything other then look at it from a distance. Why not open that up and let us fight on it?

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