10 new videos of FF7: crisis core

click in the link below to see other videos that you missed at gametrailers

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resistance1004059d ago

Wooo can't wait ^_^, its this and Star Ocean 4 which have forced me to buy a PSP again when the S&L hits Uk this week

REbirth4059d ago

this shorts my options for what i will buy this christmas:P cus the ps3 still 2 expensive here in portugal..and i would love to play FF7 again no matter what...

Umbrella Corp4059d ago

time to save midgard....again!

Baba19064059d ago

i think this game is going to make me buy a psp.

LeShin4059d ago

Man, I'm really looking forward to this game. It's going to sell bucket loads, mark my words!

gEnKiE4059d ago

omg :0 i want this game now!! I have to keep reminding myself that its on a psp. it looks so good. this would be a system seller for me if i didn't already have a psp......if only they would release the ffvii:cc psp pack over here, i would buy it in a heartbeat.