Xbox banned in jail terror fear

Powerful computer game consoles have been banned from jails over fears they could be used to plan terror attacks.

Top brass barred the Xbox360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo DS systems after discovering they contain software that enables users to send or receive radio signals.

Security experts fear they could be used by terror suspects to talk to accomplices and plot carnage.

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masterg4084d ago

If you're in jail it wouldn't really be punishment if you could just play games all day.

Mikey_Gee4082d ago

You took the words right from my mouth. If your an idiot and end up in jail for being .... well .... a pain in the aZZ of society, they you SHOULD NOT be playing video games, working out, getting a degree FOR FREE , etc, etc, etc.

Here is an idea .... grab a hammer, walk over to that pile of stones,and start smashing them to dust. Once you're done ... start on the next pile.



kn4084d ago

This site never ceases to amaze me with its lack of bias in the news approval process. They banned hardware from three manufacturers -- MS, Sony, and Nintendo, but the MS one is the one that exists in the title.

kn4083d ago

Well, I'd have to argue with "most advanced". As far as being used as a computer, I don't see the 360 running Linux and enabling full blown computing like the PS3 can. If I was going to do some hacking/communicating/planning via an electronic device, the PS3 certainly is the one that most fits the bill there of the three...

diatom4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Which is ironic because X360 is the only console without built in wireless (radio)...

gta_cb4082d ago

yep, exactly what i was thinking when i read the article.

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ParaDise_LosT4083d ago

Find it funny that DS is banned but not the Wii?

nirwanda4083d ago

It's wi-fi portable is made for sending messages via picochat straight out the box so you could carry it near the fence and communicate easily with someone on the outside or covertly with fellow inmates.

KeiZka4083d ago

Title is misleading. It should contain also PS3 and Nintendo DS.

USMChardcharger4083d ago

Well, I was thinking about going to jail...but not now.