IGN: The Last Great Year for the Wii?

Think about it for a second: the Wii had an excellent year. In fact, 2010 was probably the best year the system has ever had, with an incredible mix of genres and franchises.

Chuk54931d ago

Wii really had the best year exclusive software lineup out of all 3 systems by far.

Washington-Capitals4931d ago

I think its fashionable for people to disregard the wii as a "gaming" console but it had a few really solid "hardcore" games.

Blaze9294931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

smh...it must be a gaming journalism trend to make articles in forms of questions that no one, even the author, can answer.

The last great year for the Wii is when Nintendo and it's partners stop putting out great content and accessories for it. The Wii still has a long way too go.

Darkfocus4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

I wouldn't say that...but it did have an excellent lineup this year.

Chuk54931d ago

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
No More Heroes 2
Epic Yarn
sonic colors
other m
golden eye
moneter hunter tri
trauma center
silent hill.

Samus HD4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

No No...,,,.,
Next year is Zelda and much more :D

LoaMcLoa4931d ago

Don't forget The Last Story! Damn, that game looks good! :D

Venoxn4g4931d ago

I think 2011 will be great for Wii.. :) Driver, Zelda, Rhythm heaven wii, new fatal frame, de blob 2, pikmin 3 ...and hell knows what nintendo are preparing :) they said that Wii has to live more :)

Chuk54931d ago

WHAT! Rhythm heaven wii! I need to get a wii.

N4g_null4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

This can be the best year. Imagine all of your favorite games as sequels on the Wii with better online. Then ad Zelda last story dragon quest.

The kicker is bc is in the cards so technically you could still make Wii games on the next console. I'm sure the 3ds could play them also.

Just because the hype isn't there doesn't mean the end is near. Nintendo just brought 2d back from the dead and it needs more brains to eat!

We can hope for a better metroid a sequel to tnmt would be great too.

Update to play your vc games online and a possible share system. Like if you are not playing the game you can loan it to people. This is how word of mouth spread back in the day.

Also you should be able to share a game with your friend list.

They should also release vc master disk collections with the rom on disk and scrambled/ encrypted with a small portion online to download if any.

Instead of trophys how about nintendo give us free vc games or points to these. Devs could see this as an incentive for discounting Devs cost since nintendo could pay for that download.

Another thing you would bring back way more retro games like this. With out the past the giant publishers would not exist. Notice how guys like namco hardly even make games anymore?

Also battle toads the arcade version needs to be on a console.

Mahr4931d ago

"This can be the best year"

It could be, but that would require a *lot* of stars aligning and a lot of variables turning out just right.

It could just as easily be the worst -- more easily, actually, since all that would require would be for Nintendo to do nothing about its crap localization policies.

"Then ad Zelda last story dragon quest."

Last Story is not confirmed for a localization.

Dragon Quest X will probably not make it to the West (if it makes it here at all) until about a year after it hits Japan, and it hitting Japan in 2010 is something of a pipe dream right now.

"Just because the hype isn't there doesn't mean the end is near."

It kind of does. The game industry runs on hype. Developers need to believe that there is excitement on a system in order to make games for it. If they don't, then they won't.

N4g_null4930d ago

I understand where your coming from but this industry is built on games being fun. Hype killed this industry.

Mahr4930d ago

"this industry is built on games being fun."

It does not matter what the industry is 'built on'; what matters is how the industry operates here and now.

"Hype killed this industry."

You can certainly make the argument that the current business model is harmful to the industry at large, but my point still stands. Developers go where the hype is and go away from where it is not. This is the model that the industry follows, and they are not going to give it up anytime soon.

It is impossible to overstate how bad a sign that is for the Wii's 2011.

Stealth20k4931d ago (Edited 4931d ago )

Its called dragon quest X and zelda. The 2 biggest games of the year