Kinect hackers presented with legitimate opportunities in 3D interface design

Hacking the Xbox 360 Kinect controller is all the rage right now, but it's not exactly sanctioned by Microsoft. The future for 3D gesture-based controls, however, looks extremely promising and Belgian software company Softkinetic launched a content developer program for engineers looking to make a legitimate entry into the field.

Ever since an open source PC driver was devised to turn Kinect into a standard USB device, amateur developers have been coming up with clever new ways of using the "controllerless controller."

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Bigpappy3775d ago

Not bad for a device that is destened to fail. Just yesturday Sony was out there telling everyone how they tried every thing Kinect can do with their Eyetoy. They said Kinet will hit a wall because of its limitations. Some one needs to get out there and let these guy know that they are wasting their time.

I will prefer to just sit back and see if and when this wall appears. Looks like these guys are making it disappear.

Cevapi883775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

a lot of confidence in a product that hasnt been fully tested and pushed to the limit by devs yet

and ohh...the video is not of a hacked kinect nor a normal kinect...rather a camera that is similar to kinect...the company itself issued the challenge to hackers to see what they can come up with and see if they can replicate what you see in the video above

Bigpappy3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

I am aware that the video is not a Kinect hack. I am also very aware of who Softkinetic is. They are one of the reasons I was a big supported of Natal when M$ announced it. They had been doing this before M$ and were competing with 3DV and Primsense. I was excited about controller-less motion tech because of what I saw from 3DV. But when M$ decided to get involved, I knew that this is what would be needed the move to bring the tech out of the shadows and get it fully developed. This can easily be done by Kinect in its current form.

Softkinetic is a small but smart company, and they, like Primsense are going to try and ride this Kinect wave to generate some free publicity, as they should. What they have here though does help to sell kinect to anyone who wants this tech now. Kinect is all over the place and Softkinetic does not have the resouses to complete with a company like M$. They would have to hope Sony or Nintendo decides to use their tech.

Mystogan3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

They should watch themselves with those kind of technology...
Kinect is protected with more then 44 layers of patents.


MS acquired Canesta and they own more then 44 patents regarding 3D motion capturing.
MS has its own share of patents as well.

alien6263774d ago

kinect is hacked to do many things but no developer is going to make a game especially for the hacked kinects i find hacking kinects worthless only for show but other than that worthless

Zachmo1823775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )


I think you're full of it. I doubt Sony said that.

The kinnct can def do a lot more then the eyetoy as the camera that came out with the 360 like back at launch was basically the eyetoy of the 360.

gamingdroid3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"I think you're full of it. I doubt Sony said that."

Andrew House of Sony said:

"We learnt from that experience that there are limitations around a camera-only solution. It does work well and lend itself to certain genres, but you do tend to hit a bit of a wall when trying to support it with the broadest range of content available," said House.

Varodor3774d ago

but you still cannot move :))

GenericUserName3774d ago

Kinect WILL hit a wall though, a wall of CASH!!

Cueil3774d ago

that has to be a top ten username... and it looks like they are already hitting a wall of cash

tudors3774d ago

@Bigpappy "Just yesturday Sony was out there telling everyone how they tried every thing Kinect can do with their Eyetoy"

Link? I doubt it, you just made that up didn't you child.

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Mystogan3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Why? its not like you can't do it with the current version.

Kinect is better then this..look at the skeleton at 0.42 and there is some really noticable lag happening in the whole video.

Would be an Awesome game for Kinect though.
Maybe this is the game Disney Interactive is working on for Kinect?

shikamaroooo3775d ago

Except Its Not Running on The 360:S

8thnightvolley3775d ago

its only the beginning.. kinect hasnt even started yet.lool.. just give it a few more months.. by this time next year gaming kinect will turn interactive entertainment on its head.

kneelb4zod3774d ago

I'm confuse,if kinect needs time to mature so it could become something, wouldn't this also work in the ps move favor sense it supports more experiences than kinect, I know first attempts of anything new is never good as when you know the hardware but for me the only restraint I see with kinect is time, because of Microsoft not showing how the tech can work with other stuff than casual.

gamingdroid3774d ago

"wouldn't this also work in the ps move favor sense it supports more experiences than kinect,"


PS Move can do certain things Kinect can't, but likewise Kinect can do things PS Move can't. It's just that PS Move is more similar to your current input scheme using a controller (i.e. the Navigator) that people feel it is more flexible. It's immediately adaptable. Kinect hasn't had 30+ years of research and game design history yet.

Basically you design the game around the input mechanism. If you ask a game developer back in the 80's if we will be able to do FPS on a paid, what do you think the answer will be?

8thnightvolley3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

ya i know what you mean but bear in mind the wii which is arguable been out for 4 plus years has pretty much the same dna as the move and if anything that is on the move can be done on the wii only with less HD and power obviously, and know the novelty of the wii has worn off it does help the ps MOVE, coz sales of the wii are slowing down and if that is any indication it shows the move will not hit the high note of the wii coz its on the same path the kinect on the other hand is something entirely new and so it will seriously boast sales way about what the MOVE can possibly reach and i am not saying titles wont come on MOVE ofcourse they will if anything the first party devs of sony will push it there but it wont be so different from what we understand on the wii and have already seen. kinect on the other hand already has publishers and devs waiting to make something for it counting the developers need to create new experiences for gamings and the zeal for consumers to get the new kinect ..its a win win for MS. coz they have the stage set up for a super success which the move will find it extremely hard to match.

Adding...PSeye had this goldmine in their lap and would have created pseye2 but at the time the tech was not just there this is going bk to ps2 era and the demographic is way too young in interactive entertainment to dive in, just like how 3D movies have been around for years but only until last year's AVATAR did everyone go OMG i want 3D now!... if u get my analogy you would see why kinect is not going to go the way of the dinos like psEYE did,

Creativity is something Devs have always know how to spin just like .. when halo first hop on the xbox and everyone when damn a FPs on a console.. and there was this rush and everyone started doing FPS which in turn made console gaming the biggest FPS market, and then came the wii and everyone was like wtf is up with the control and now we have CODblackops on the wii motion. so will kinect its just gonna take one gifted to crank out a genre defining title that will make devs run back to the drawing board.

kneelb4zod3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

You make a good point on developers, but my problem is that it seems so limited with what you can create and third party developers aren't always reliable at crafting something unique and this video kinda shows kinect shortcomings,this game is completely on-rails,nothing wrong with that,in comparison towards sorcery this seems lacking a lot of features that would immerse you in it and for kinect asking price ,I know it will eventually go down ,it doesn't justify cost for now.

8thnightvolley3774d ago

ya i know surely a gaming on rails is an inevitability which i knw wil happen with a couple of titles, i for one i am not the most creative mind so i cant fully visualize how playing the traditional genre games like fps will work with kinect perhaps hybrid gaming will be the way... rather what i believe will be kinect only gaming will be there but it wont for a second push pads into the back seat no way.. the only way kinect can fully be mastered into something good would be to party it with a pad so further aid in immersion be in visually sign commands or voice activations .. all in all we have to wait and see what the devs do in the short future to come.


The problem with Kinect and any camera based game is that you will never be able to play real core games like FPS's or action adventure games that require the need to turn your character left or right.

karl3774d ago

looks ok.. xD

its an improvement..

it still cant be used for actual gaming.. and its funny how they keep pushing kinect games related to Hollywood movies..

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