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Nitrowolf24055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )


Sticky__Rice4055d ago

doubtful; i remember them saying it wouldn't sell well here; which is stupid because so manyy would buy it. WTH are they thinking?

takedown4055d ago

Namco are haters I guess. And haters shall hate. Wish they would think about bringing them over here. Or at least get some other company to translate them.

FarEastOrient4055d ago

This game will sell in the States, but they don't even try...

They need to take a page from Activision, if Tales of Vesparia outsold the recent Tony Hawk game. Why is Activision releasing another Tony Hawk game here and Namco wouldn't bring Tales to the States?

Nitrowolf24055d ago

@ FarEastOrient

the thing is, from my understanding. Localizing cost money. They have to do all the translation and ect..

I mean it might seem like an easy thing to do, but in reality we don't know that. I really hope that some other company will take it and localize it, but with Namco being strict and all i just don't see that happening.

They want to westernize, but why can't they take a hint, no one (not many) wants their games.
Look at Splatter house, low a$$ reviews and prob poor sales,

Majin and the forsaken king, idk decent reviews, but how are sales? And how long will DBZ keep going? Use your dam resource for other things instead of having an yearly DBZ that literally adds nothing new. I mean come on can't they make for once a good DBZ game? The last good one for me was PS2, I say if your gonna continue DBZ hand it over to Cyber Connect they did wonders for Naruto, other wise stop making them.

FarEastOrient4055d ago


I have to agree with you on your comment, but my thing is they already spent the money on these projects.

No More Heroes on PS3 already has an English track, Tales of Vesperia also has English already done but not releasing in the States. Unfortunately I don't want to see these properties go away like Working Design that took forever to bring it stateside and to the point that many are no longer bothered by the titles.

In Japan there are games that have sold extremely well but for some odd reason they move their properties around to generate a market that wasn't there. For example moving Monster Hunter to DS and not Playstation have hurt the sales. Square Enix is not far behind when they are taking forever to create their games they've announced only to have the West beat them when it does finally released.

I currently have Tales of Grace F on the way home and of course it's Japanese and complete probably by Feb due to all the Western games coming out in Jan.

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Headquarters114055d ago

Fuck off and stop posting these articles for titles that aren't confirmed for the US. If it's not coming out in US/UK then nobody gives a damn.

Nitrowolf24055d ago

dude stfu, i for one care.

Lavalamp4055d ago

Headquarters11, worst case scenario is importing since the PS3 is region-free. I really don't wanna miss this game and I for one am glad that this was posted on N4G. Please remember that you do not speak for everyone on this site.

Omega Archetype4055d ago

F yeah! I too hope they bring it stateside!

Lavalamp4055d ago

Do want. I'm really liking the character designs. Namco, I have money and I know you like money. Perhaps we can work something out?

Sigh4055d ago

well... well... well... Localize this Namco.

Reborn4055d ago

Come on!!

I would buy this. Instantly.

Igneel4055d ago

bring it to america and I'll sell my xbox and get a PS3.

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