IGN: PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 Review

PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset 2.0 Review from Ign.com

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RayRay364932d ago

I love it. By far more comfortable then the other one. Although I perfer the other ear ring because its adjustable. Excellent buy though.

ChineseDemocracy4932d ago

This thing is looking sleek, definitely picking one up.

I_find_it_funny4932d ago

is this availaible in Europe?

outwar60104932d ago

no its not i've been searching on ebay and tried purchasing from amazon.com through every "international" seller but i get an email send out saying its not available to send to the uk or along those lines im soooo pissed off right now

Terarmzar4932d ago

I found the first one to be a bit to heavy so it falls off my ear so i might think of picking this one up eventually.

HolyOrangeCows4932d ago

MUCH better and a nice set of new features.

I'll have to pick one up some time.

MeanOldman4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Picked one up this past weekend. I like it. Is more comfortble than the first one. My favorite is still my Darklight EX-01


Rainstorm814932d ago

yea i use the 1.0 version and its big and bulky....this looks much better, i may have to pick it up and scrap the older model....

Kon_Artist 4931d ago

the ear piece feels cheap. pm if you dont believe i have it. i like the old ear piece better but the new mic better

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jwk944932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I never had any problems with mine, i like mine a lot, i can use it for 6hrs straight and it doesn't hurt my ear. But this one loooks really slick.
How do you access high quality mode on the original one?

Microsoft_Spokesman4932d ago

Certain games need to support it.

jwk944932d ago

What games support it?

gamingisnotacrime4932d ago

This one is the real deal

is amazingly better than the previous one

Black-Helghast4932d ago

I have it, it's amazing. Best Bluetooth i've ever used in my whole life. Worth every single dollar.

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