What today's XBox 360 and PS3 Games mean for us

Paul Murphy at ZDNet writes: "To a much larger extent than most people understand, the fact that all three major games consoles are now on PPC presages change in general business computing."

"I'm not talking about the hardware or Wii's obvious potential for slideware - I'm thinking about the implications for software and what we think we need relates to what we try to do. It bothers me, for example, quite a lot that Nintendo's games running on a dinky 729Mhz G3 class PPC are at least as much fun as games running on Cell and Xenon -because what that says is that nobody's using the power of Cell and Xenon properly."

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sticky doja4057d ago

Whats with the pic of an old Xbox game?

Rowland4057d ago

I tried to find an upto date disc but could only find this one.

djt234057d ago

lol i like that xbox cd

Stretchystrong4057d ago

Think the dude who wrote the article has never even touched a video game?