Melonie Mac’s gamer deals guide for the holidays

While some have already finished their holiday shopping way ahead of time, others, like myself, have been waiting last minute! Here are a couple of great deals that will make the gamer friends in your life very happy. Fair warning, you will probably end up buying things for youself in the process.

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Ninferno2863d ago

Argh... now all i need is a kinect!

MelonieMac2863d ago

lol yes, I still haven't got a Kinect yet either. All this Christmas shopping is keeping me back a little! I'll get one later, though. :D

Exquisik2862d ago

Why does she only have 3 bubbles?

+Bubble Melonie. Keep up the good work.

scar202863d ago

I've at least blown over$1000 just shopping on video games within the last 2 months.

MelonieMac2863d ago

Wow. D: Money well spent, though. haha!

dkblackhawk502863d ago

Hmm lets see *checks credit card *limit 10 grand* *left 0*....sigh going to be a long working holiday...

MelonieMac2863d ago

Ouch! O.o Well maybe next year they will have the same deals. :p

jack_burt0n2863d ago

Good vid, keep posting stuff, n4g needs more decent real female gamers.

PS360PCROCKS2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

nerds are out in force! Apparently giving a compliment is off limits!

UnSelf2863d ago


is she outta bubbles yet??

visualb2863d ago

you can see it yourself =|

Hell-Helghast2863d ago

Why you guys giving her a hard time?

Hell-Helghast2863d ago ShowReplies(3)
UnSelf2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

it was a fking joke god

@Wii360ps3 or w.e the fk ur name is

stop stalkin girls on the net. guys dont kno how to act when a person reveals that she isnt a guy. smh get a life lames

@Cyrus, btw i never congrat'd u on ur win. Do ur thing in there man, i am truly and whole-heartedly envious :)

PS360PCROCKS2863d ago

um, what? Stalking? Do you even know what stalking entails? Stalking entails FOLLOWING someone and fantasizing about them and making their life a living hell. I've never seen, nor heard of this girl in my life...saying "you're beautiful" is called a compliment. Get off your high horse, don't tell me how to act.

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The story is too old to be commented.