The Top 5 Most Innovative Games of 2007

With all the games coming out this year, it's sometimes hard to find the game that will take gaming to the next level. There's no doubt that there are many awesome games coming out this year but the real winners are the games that push gaming to the next level.

The elements that makes a normal game to a great game are design, gameplay and graphics. These 5 games will not only bring innovation, but it will introduce something new to the video game industry this year and beyond!

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eLiNeS4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

HALO 3 is the most Innovative game there is and for sometime to come. HALO 3 has the best matchmaking system of all games, 4 player co-op, Forge map editor, and theater where you can watch and edit both SP & MP games and share with your friends. This game will blow all games out of the universe.

Not sure why Unreal Tournament 3 & Crysis are on the list, nothing Innovative about them. They might be a great game with some of the best graphics but not Innovative.

masterg4057d ago

What are you talking about. Halo 3 was not the first to announce 4 player co-op. It's basically a better version of Halo 2. Nothing new.

UT3 has map creation which rocks and Crysis has the best graphics and destroyable environments engine.

BloodySinner4057d ago

But you really can't ignore the other features that it has done for the genre, can you?

rev204057d ago

haha that was some funny sh!t halo3 the most innovative game of the year,

The whole reason halo is damn popular and so good is because it sticks to what it knows its good at, Its hardly innovative but it doesnt need to be as they have the gameplay balance great as it is.

This article is a joke fullstop all the most innovative titles this year have to be the wii, just for how they have taken the usual game and incorperated their unique motion controls to make you involved more in the game.

Id give the title to zelda on the wii

Halo was a good joke though haha good games dont have to be innovative ;)

Prismo_Fillusion4057d ago

How is Zelda innovative? It's just a GC port with some half-tacky motion sensoring thrown in (great game though). If any Wii title has a chance to really change the gaming scene, it's Metroid Prime 3 and it's control scheme. That could be the future of all FPS'. Only time will tell.

rev204057d ago

Zelda was hardly tacky motion controls, the controls were near on perfect and showed what the wii system was capable of, the game was immense and the controls added so much more then just using a gamecube controller.

obviously you were playing a different game to me :)

toughNAME4057d ago

when i see that list i completely agree with you

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Prismo_Fillusion4057d ago

is not going to be one of the most innovative games of 2007. It may be one of the best (and sure as he11 one of the most fun), but it won't be that innovative.

Why are 3 of these games shooters, one is just a sequel, and one is just a super-powered guitar hero? If these are the most innovative games of 2007 then this year really sucked for innovation. Just an fyi - I'm not saying any of these games are bad!

rushbd4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

But I don't think any of those games are innovative. They are just Shooters painted in pretty colors. All the things they do were done before ( with the exception of Rockband and Bioshock(to some extent )). You want to know what is innovation ?? Look at LittleBigPlanet. Shame that it wont be released in this year.

Thanks for the agrees guy :). Can i have some bubbles as well ? :D Thanks

LeShin4057d ago

You speak the truth! But if I had to go on a limb, I'd say Unreal 3 could be innovative (for an fps) as it has tons of vehicles and has many unusual weapons. I'd also give it to rock band as well. But Bioshock and Crysis?? No way. Because, Bioshock is an extension of the System Shock franchise which I've played and Crysis is a graphic powerhouse but doesn't really do anything THAT innovative

Definition of innovative?

"Being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before"

The person above who mentioned Halo 3 needs a slap lol. (The original Halo maybe...but not Halo 3!)

Korosuke4057d ago

Lesin, I agree with your Definition of innovative.
But UT3 is franchise too. Its former titles already HAVE tons of vehicles and has many unusual weapons.
I think there is few things to call something new in UT3.
Maybe high speed multi based FPS like UT in console is innovative.

LeShin4057d ago

@Uglygreen you're absolutely right about Unreal, it being number "3" should've been a big clue to me, though I never admittedly played the 2nd one :) Though I did say i'm going out on a limb when I mentioned that lol

Korosuke4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

Sorry, I didn't know that idiom "out on a limb", checked the dictionary and I know that meaning now :)
So UT3 might have been innovative to you.
And PS3 versions mod and mouse & keybord support is really innovative.

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Korosuke4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

It's just the wirter of this article's top 5 anticipated games.
This years innovative games(my thoughts, anyway).

Test DスルE unlimited
Armed Assault
(in random order)

Though I don't think these games are interesting for all, maybe need to polishing a little more,
but I am surely these are innovative.

DeckUKold4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

The innovation hands down obviously goes to the wii games i mean we saw all those games before the wii is something that has never been done and not to mention 1 wii game this guy is seriously very dumb

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