$400 40GB PS3 with Spidey 3 Blu-ray pack-in?

The mole over at opposable thumbs has a great track record: both the Xbox 360 HDMI story and the wired Xbox 360 Rock Band controllers have since been confirmed. Whoever their friendly inside source is, he's got some great contacts. Now he's ready to tell us all what Sony's console pricing plans may soon look like. Oh, do tell....

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Maddens Raiders4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

but 40gigs? Hmm.. wonder if it'll have all the bells and whistles? If so I'm picking up number three for sure.

I loved Ðaedalus' first claim:

"Time to start caring about PS3 games" 8D

ed:/lol @ disagrees

Gamespot-equals-EGM4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

This rumor is two months old, originally from Game informer. But the 40GB ps3 is supposed to have no BC.

Before you say 'Isn't ps2 BC done via software emulation only?'- No, ps2 BC on the European ps3's and the 80gb ps3 is NOT total software emulation. For both those SKU's they removed the Emotion Engine but KEPT the Graphics synthesizer. The original ps2 and the US 60gb ps3 both had the EE ***and*** the GS.

The new 40gb ps3 will remove both the EE and GS (that's where the costs will be cut). I also assume the 40gb will also not have Wifi, saving some more costs for Sony.

Link proving the Euro ps3's still have the GS and thus its not total software ps2 emulation:

Quote from link:

Q: Does this mean that the PS2 hardware chips have been removed completely and replaced with software-only emulation?

A: The original PS3 used the Emotion Engine/Graphics Synthesizer to emulate PS2 titles. With the latest European specification we have removed the Emotion Engine, retaining the graphics chip.

tplarkin74057d ago

It will be a stripped down PS3. It has to be stripped down because the mfr cost is too high. But that's ok. You don't need wi-fi or backwards compatibility.

Microsoft needed BC because Halo 2 was too good. Many people on my friends list continue to play it regularly. I don't know if any PS2 games have the replay value of Halo 2 online.

If Sony doesn't do something do reduce the price, MS is going to finish the fight this Christmas, once and for all.

Salvadore4057d ago

I will defintely pick one up... If I am succesful at convincing my bro to turn his back on the 360.

eLiNeS4057d ago

that's if your bro has a brain cell.

MikeGdaGod4057d ago

just remind him that after Halo.....there's nothing else

DrPirate4057d ago

This was needed for the holiday season.

I have plenty of 360 owning friends telling me this November, if there's a reason to own a PS3, it's all about Uncharted, plus Rock Band is the better deal with Free online and a wireless guitar for 20 dollar less, hopefully, they both recieve the same amount of DLC though...

Fighter4057d ago

Didn't N'Gai Croal and some guy from M$ make a bet about the 40GB PS3? in time for the holidays. The $99 PS2 seems more believable and it makes sense to sell it at that price if they really want to compete with the Wii. This is a rumor but an exciting one.

WAR_MACHINE774057d ago

yes N'Gai has a bet for a steak diner and if this rumor is true then it looks like he lost.

Honcho4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

WOW. I had a 60 gig. but then updated to the 80 gig. but at 400 bucks would be sweet for anyone that doesn't have a ps3. as long as it comes with wifi it should sell really good! if sony does this and then drops the the 80 gig 100 bucks since they are discontinuing the 60 gig the ps3 is going to sell like crazy!!!!

Gamespot-equals-EGM4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )


rev204057d ago

lol you had a 60 gig then bought an 80 gig model for more when you could of just bought a 250 gig hdd cheaper then the difference between the two and slotted it in yourself.

There is no hope for some :|

bung tickler4057d ago (Edited 4057d ago )

i wonder if he realizes he didnt get an upgrade, that he really got a downgrade since the 80gb doesnt have full bc like the 60gb.