Rumor: Wii Zapper Bundle Game Revealed

And no, it's not Wii Duckhunt.

From the day it was revealed, Nintendo stated that the Wii Zapper would be $19.99 and would come packed with a game. Internet speculation pointed towards Duck Hunt, but according to a trusted source reporting deep from a GameStop/EB Conference in Vegas, the Wii Zapper will ship with Link's Crossbow Training.

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ReBurn4060d ago

Crossbow Training with a gun?

INehalemEXI4060d ago

The zapper sells itself :)

Mr VideoGames4060d ago

i think we have something that will Finally sell Faster then the Wii in the Videogame Biz, a Game and the Zapper all for 20 Bucks geez this thing will be flying off store Shelves.

MACHone4060d ago

There's a lot of conferences going on right now in Vegas -- I know, my manager gets to go to one next week. They get TONS of cool stuff. He's expecting they're all gonna get copies of Halo 3. Yeah, the stuff is THAT cool. So I wouldn't be at all surprised if this rumor was valid. It sounds like something Nintendo would do, and it sounds one hell of a lot better than Duckhunt or Ghost Squad. I'll buy it, even though essentially I'm paying 20 smackers for a mini-game and a hunk of plastic.

alaaji4060d ago

"even though essentially I'm paying 20 smackers for a mini-game and a hunk of plastic."

Yeah, that's the problem. I am sure that tons of people will buy it but no game really needs the zapper even though it may be optimized for it. You can simulate the same actions sans the zapper. As for the mini-game, I won't be able to bring myself to buy it just for crossbow training.

MACHone4060d ago

A respectable opinion. Thank you for responding with something thoughtful and coherent -- two traits often lost on these message boards. Personally, there's a 75% chance I would have bought the Zapper even without the tacked-on game. Now, I'm not the kind of guy who buys the Wii Remote grips and the Wii Remote sword and steering-wheel attachments, but there's just something about the Zapper that just seems appealing to me. And the fact that it comes with an original and exclusive game just sweetens the deal. It might not be for everyone, but like you said, plenty of people will buy it. It's similar to the Wii Play agenda: "sure, the mini-games aren't that great, but they're only ten bucks," kinda thing.

alaaji4058d ago

I was watching the Gamespot podcast and they broadcast their show from the EA complex. I saw where they had Medal of Honor for the Wii and they were playing with the Wii Zapper. I have to admit that it looks like fun especially when you reload or simulate the bazooka on your shoulder. One of the employees said that when you simulate the bazooka, you get the rumble and the sound of it going off from the speaker.

RioGrande4060d ago

If anything it will be bundled with Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. I mean they come out the same day.

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