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Review of Sly Trilogy for PlayStation 3, covering the features and a nice comparison of the graphical differences between the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 versions.

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zerox5052868d ago

behold my friends, a game reviewed by a retard

GfxPipeline2868d ago


Yet another garbage no name site run by fanboys spewing crap.

Nivalis2868d ago

Had you taken the time to actually READ the review, you wouldn't be looking like an idiot right now.

You say it's a fanboy site spewing crap, because they didn't give the game a higher score, yet in the review they mostly praise the game and cite that if it were an original title and not a remake, it would have scored higher.

Maybe you should consider reading an article before commenting on it just based on seeing the score next to the game name on n4g.

clank5432868d ago

Three games averaging an 8.8 on metacritic for $40 and they give it a 7.4? This guy needs to shut up.

Nivalis2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

So by your assumption, because the original game scores an average of 8.8, re-releasing that game means it automatically scores AT LEAST 8.8 again?

Tell me, if after all the time everyone waited, Polyphony released a remastered version of Gran Turismo 4, do you think it would have scored the same as the first?

Just because a game is good the first time around doesn't mean that a more modern review MUST follow the same score.

Hell, if those were the rules companies wouldn't bother making games, they'd just keep re-releasing all the games they already made that did well, knowing that no matter what they would score well anyway.

Perhaps the both of you (above this post) should actually READ the review rather than see the score and blindly post your OMG WTF's

GfxPipeline2868d ago

Go away. No one gives a crap about your pathetic fanboy site.

GenericUserName2868d ago

"Go away. No one gives a crap about
your pathetic fanboy site."
Translation: you make too much sense, I hate you for being logical. You are making my head hurt by saying things my fanboy brain cannot dispute intelligently. Please stop.
You're welcome Nivalis, you see, I have studied them long enough to speak their language

clank5432867d ago

Wow, OK. Lets calm down for a second here. Gran Turismo 4 is a racing simulator. No story, just cars and driving. Obviously that game would score lower now because it is dated and there are other games of the same ilk like Forza that do it better.

Name one platformer that tries to do the same thing as Sly Cooper. One! Sly Cooper sets out on heists around the world with a combination of stealth and platforming. No other game does that therefore you have nothing to compare it to.

Sly Cooper might not deserve an 8.8 by todays standards, but this review shouldn't even be about the games. It should be about the presentation and value of the entire package. If you want to read a review of the games, go find them on the internet. However, as a package with three highly rated games along with several bonus minigames for 40 bucks all redone in High Definition on one disk is not worth a 7.4.

I don't think these collections should get scores at all. They should have links to reviews of the original games along with a summary of how they're put together.

Nivalis2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

Clank, the point is that it is a review, and despite the obvious improvements in graphics the various elements which make up the final score must be taken in to account by "todays standards", because if someone who has never played the game buys it expecting a game "of todays standards" they probaby wouldnt be as impressed as someone who had played or at the very least seen the original.

The review has practically nothing negetive to say about the game and stresses that despite it's score it's more than likely a game that would be enjoyed by just about any ps3 owner, theres no hatred or ragging on the game, just straight up reviewing with nice direct comparisons between actual PS2 footage of the game and the HD compilations counterpart.

If they were saying "lmao the graphics suuuuuuuck and its all the same old shit from ps2 days", then fair enough, the guy should stfu, but it isn't.

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Nivalis2868d ago

Fanboy site?, KIDS these days.