FragFX Writeup: How to turn your FragFX Buttons into "Hair Triggers"

This is a great tutorial complete with pictures and gifs written by member Antonio Cipriani over at PS3Forums. This tutorial will help you turn your FragFX into one mean fragging machine! There are two great gifs doing a great job comparing the before and after at the source. Enjoy!

"You are on Dante's casino, you just cleared a large room full of insurgents who would "Do anything for Marcelo" and you continue down a hallway and up to a door. You stealthily use your snake cam to scope out the insides, you see 2 terrorists and decide you can take them out without using your teammates' help. You open the door, aim and then the screen turns red, you get two options, to restart from the last checkpoint or to save and quit... Michael says "Logan is down, cover me"

You have become a victim of jammed gun, actually, you didn't quite press the LMB on your FragFX hard enough which made your gun not fire anything and consequentially you got snuffed at point blank. Gladly, there is a solution for this problem and I will show you how I solved it. Maybe this has been done before but I searched these boards and didn't find anything on it."

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