CB Games Halo 3 Primer: Multiplayer

"While the story is rich and detailed, it's the multiplayer that is the foundation that has turned Halo into a monumental success.

Those who play the game online may wonder why that is, afterall there are numerous cheaters and quitters in games. Racial epithets and sexist remarks spew forth from players like vomit, and yet the online gaming continues its strength. There is any number of reasons for this, but a good deal of credit has to go to Bungie for the way they've implemented multiplayer as an integral part of the game."

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toughNAME4056d ago

nice find man

makes me proud of my preorder

ASSASSYN 36o4056d ago

I am taking of work on the 25th and leaving early on monday prior to get my ticket for my place in line. Yes they give out line numbers at my gamestop. It worked so well for halo 2 they are doing it again for halo 3.

Jdash244056d ago

agreed man, im skipping school to get halo 3 at midnight and play all day, going to try and beat it day one...........ahhh 16 DAYS!!!!!!

JokesOnYou4056d ago

It looks like I'm going to need some time off myself, I just finished Bio (fkn great game) so now I cant wait to get my hands on Halo3 now, guess I might play a little Forza for awhile or hell anything that will take my mind off of waiting for this game.



took the day before off, so i can play halo 1 and 2 again and just in case halo 3 comes early.

can't wait. i haven't felt like this since i was 10 !

SaMiR1114056d ago

halo 3 its the king...but bioshock its the king to...i love halo 3 and bioshock are the best PFS ever play!

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