News4Gamers Radio 09/10/2007

This week the staff talks about which developer they would want to visit, the importance of casual games and of course discuss the latest games including Two Worlds, Folklore and Stranglehold.

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GRAMPAGAMER4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

interesting question,.. "will the success of the Wii limit the production of "fully realized 3D games?"

Answer: Never,.. let's say the theory was put in practice and 40 -50% of your Major publishers decided to devolve their development process in order to feed the uninitiated masses of casual games.

the first developer to find success filling the void for "real games" would signal a mass migration of profit hungry developers getting back to their roots and doing the same.

the user base of the Wii is hardly big enough, neither is the Wii attatch rate prolific enough to keep major developers well fed.

...and if they try to go multi- platform with the same butt ugly games that are sold for the Wii to the 360 or Ps3,.. they would have to drop the price to $19 per title.

where many would find their way into the bargin bin at "Burger King" prices.

remember when the game industry crashed because developers swamped the market with quick cash-in Atari games. it was like the great gaming depression.

if all developers actually made a concerted decision to pursue casual gaming dollars, the same thing would happen again.


wasn't meant as negative comment, it was just an observation that you had a unigue voice that would serve you well in the voice-acting trade..(perhaps cartoons)

or maybe a career in comedy as a Gomer Pyle impersonator.

anyway, consider the options.

djt234060d ago

good show
it was pretty good