Drjft4941d ago

Glad to see Treyarch on the ball. Better effort than Infinity Ward.

4941d ago
SKUD4941d ago

I LOL'd HARD @ #1 comment. You might as well say Treyarch created the COD series!. HAHAHAHAHA.

Scary694941d ago

I have been in several games where host leaves and connection is interrupted.This should have been part of the patch and it is becoming more common since the patch ridiculous.

IMChampion4941d ago

Title should be "What it fixed and what it broke"

Can't seem to stay with my friends now and my NAT type is open.

BulletProofVess4941d ago

yeah me and my mates cant even join a party together...


but i do enjoy the load straight to multiplayer feature and where it no longer auto loads in 3D

LoVeRSaMa4941d ago

Aww, they reduced knife lundge, I was awesome at running out and stabbing people..

ghostface4941d ago

Same here. Keep getting disconnected or ps3 freezes.

young juice4941d ago

my ps3 froze too, i was on a f'king roll like butta.

playin free for all

HeroComplex4941d ago

"Treyarch doesn't do enough quality assurance with their patches/games. I guarantee that this new patch will cause other issues. I got rid of this game a few weeks after it came out of pure frustration."

I told you so, lol. Treyarch = garbage developers.

NickIni4941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )

Hopefully this will fix my pretty major issue of black ops not even fudging working. Keeps freezing five seconds in, but works fine on my other PS3 :(

EDIT And nope it didn't. Awesome.

duplissi4941d ago

naw, i dont think treyarch are garbage devs... it just appears to me that they are under a lot of pressure from activision.. id like to see what they could do if given complete freedom, because they seem to have a lot of raw talent that is being held down because they are forced to make cod clones.

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gamerzBEreal174941d ago

true...have u guys got on Cod4 on ps3? OMG full of challenge lobbies and all camos and finger guns and laser sights and flashing lights and 50 foot high jumps and 3 kills for helli and unlimited noob toobs the game is a hackers play ground and when its not the connections are terrible

xAlmostPro4941d ago

the party system, transmission error and scoping in with snipers aiming at a head then missing were my main problems.. they seem to have fixed it now xD ooh and the knife lunges haha

ImmortalLegend4941d ago

It's getting ridiculous with the panic knifing crap. I'm really getting tired of someone knifing me through bullets. If I shoot someone they should not be able to knife plan and simple. Man I cannot wait for Killzone 3 to come out because this alone is ruining the game for me.

Dave13514941d ago

well just be glad your not back in mw2 with commando! god i hated that

KillerBBs4939d ago (Edited 4939d ago )

Drijft what are you smoking?

It should work out of the box... Glad to see you giving Treyack props on there Billion Dollar broken Product. Do you work for them? Clean out your ear wax... everyone is PO over this title.

Demand a higher standard!

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Dark_Vendetta4941d ago

* Limit the ability to re-roll supply drops using Hardline Pro to Care Packages only, no other killstreak drops.


AssassinHD4941d ago

It is for the best really. Re-rolling the SAM turret and sentry gun allowed for too many great kill streak awards with little effort. On one match over the weekend I got a Chopper Gunner, Gunship, and Attack Dogs back to back.

kevco334941d ago

The xbox 360 update is coming today too. Most of the things being fixed are the same though.

KingZFlipper4941d ago

The 360 update is already live. Nice to see that Treyarch is supportive to the game. After a month it has already had the same amount of patches than MW2. And the patch is actually pretty decent.

jaredhart4941d ago (Edited 4941d ago )