CNET - Top 5 Best Video Games of 2010

CNET breaks down the top 5 releases across all platforms for the year 2010.

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UNCyrus4678d ago (Edited 4678d ago )

Can't complain much with the list, they hit across most platforms.

MrAwesome4678d ago (Edited 4678d ago )

Can't wait for ME2 next month!

StanLee4678d ago

Good list. Would have liked to make a place on the list for Halo Reach but what exactly would you take off.

Bolts4678d ago

Finally a list posted on N4G that doesn't suck. But I think Fallout 3: Vegas should be on it somewhere.

M-Easy4678d ago

I don't give Cnet hits someone list the list lol.

sweettooth4678d ago

2-GOW 3

Koolno4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

and mod nation, and gt5..

but it's cnet, ms partners.

Jerkstore814678d ago

I don't get why he keeps spouting off sales figures. Just because a game sells well doesn't necessarily mean it should be deemed top game of the year. COD: Black Ops - I'm looking at you...

gorebago4678d ago

Reach was way better than BO and I gave up on the halo series after 2. Reach was great though.

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Red Dead Redemption (2023 Port) Receives 60FPS Boost on PS5

Update 1.03 has introduced a 60fps option to Red Dead Redemption.

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CappyBlack13h ago

Rockstar has been slipping and slipping for years now. Just relying on questionable re-releases. Most times not even handled by them.
It seems like their motive, nowadays, is just see how much you can sell your old content to the masses. Ohhh. You ported a game, after almost a full priced release, run at a whole 60fps, while both PC and Xbox have been doing it for years.
It's obvious it was only the Switch version they were actually worried about.

JEECE13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

"You ported a game, after almost a full priced release, run at a whole 60fps, while both PC and Xbox have been doing it for years."

Wait, is RDR 60 fps on Xbox through BC? When did that happen? I never saw that it received FPS Boost, and people on Reddit have been complaining for years about it being limited to 30 fps through BC.

Huey_My_D_Long13h ago

I don't have an Xbox but I'm pretty sure Xbox has had it at 60 because of the feature being an console feature not having to have each game do updates, was one thing I thought Xbox had over ps5...the only feature yhouhh

CobraKai12h ago

It was locked at 30 the last time I tried it. I dunno if they ever patched it to unlock the frame rate.

It’s sad that a bare bones port of a PS360 game is only getting a 60fps patch now. The $50 price tag was already an issue.

Asplundh12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

It looks better but it's still 30 Fps on the X I believe.


LucasRuinedChildhood12h ago(Edited 12h ago)


No, Red Dead Redemption 1 on Series X has a higher resolution than the 360 version but still runs at 30fps.

VenomUK12h ago

@Huey_My_D_Long RDR on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X runs at 4k 30fps.

On Xbox Series S it is 1440p 30fps.

CappyBlack11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Even if not, that offers no "oh thank you" to a company selling an ancient game, running at pathetic specs, considering they basically want new game prices for said old game with nothing but a slight boost here and there. I can emulate the game at 60fps no issues. The Xbox version looks and plays great. A weak port is a weak port; and the reason the only console they didn't put it on was Xbox is exactly what I'm talking about. Now we need to be grateful that a patch for the game allows for 60fps months after release?
Yet again; emulation doing better than anything of what Rockstar has put out since RedDead 2. Just, you know, it doesn't cost you, basically, a full game's price .... for a re-release.

darthv7211h ago

@Huey... you are thinking of Xenia, the 360 emulator on a series X|S. Interestingly the 360 emulation layer the XBO uses can support the same type of settings as Xenia. Why they dont just make an FPS Boost fix is really up to Rockstar... not XB.

Cacabunga10h ago

This enhancement is good, now patch RDR2 with the same please!!

Sephiroth001710h ago

The XBOX splits the backward-compatible function into three sections. Resolution Boost, FPS Boost, and Auto HDR. This has to be implemented and tested per game. Red Dead Redemption uses Resolution Boost and runs at Native 4K but FPS Boost was never implemented so the game runs at a locked 30FPS. I have an XBOX Series X connected to a Samsung QD-OLED with an FPS analyzer engaged and can confirm these numbers.

Profchaos4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

It's not it's still 30 but running at 4k on series X and one x

However PC players who play the Xbox code via Xenia can boost it to 60 you can try the same on rpcs3 however ive found that isn't as optimised as of yet plus the 360 version is better than PS3 was with increased vegitation and longer draw distances

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roadkillers10h ago

I dont think anyone can say Rockstar is slipping. When was the last time they released a game? 2019? It was the highest rated game that year. Before then? 2013, highest rated game that year (alongside tLoU). They just dont release enough games for us to see where their actual quality currently is.

Ashunderfire8610h ago

Because they focus on milking each game for almost an entire decade! Like GTA 5 that is old ASF🤣