God of War II screens heaven sent

We heard you last night, when you knelt down at the side of your bed in your jim-jams, hands cupped, praying for yet another rash of new God of War II screens, even though we gave you a few new ones earlier this month. You greedy little perishers...

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FordGTGuy5384d ago

Thats some ugly looking sh#t.

TheMART5384d ago

This should be the game were all Sony fans are crying about look what the PS2 can still do? Man it looks like a mediocore last gen game if I see these screenies! Well actually the images on POS3 games also look like this... Urm...

Landa5384d ago

You really are a hater

zypher5384d ago

don't mind the mart. most fanboys have a tendency to blatantly slam the competitor's system in such an obviously false way. just chalk it up to jealousy

TheMART5383d ago

But for real! I heard so many say this game looked fantastic.

I am just dissapointed with the screenshots for real. It's just very mediocore to me. But maybe it's because I'm spoiled with next gen already

zypher5383d ago

well, if you're looking at it from a graphical point of view, and furthermore in comparison to graphics on a next-gen system, then of course you would be disappointed. but where GOW 2 excels at isn't necessarily its graphics (although, it does have some of the best graphics of this current-generation, including stuff on the original XBox): where GOW 2 excels at is the sheer quality of its gameplay and story. quite honestly, it is one of the funnest games ever made, right up there with the likes of Zelda. when i go to purchase Halo 3, Assassins Creed, MGS4, Fable 2, Heavenly Sword, Lair, Resistance, GOW, Warhawk and Bioshock for my 360 and PS3, i'll just as eagerly be purchasing God of War 2. because graphics, in this case, isn't necessarily the end-all-be-all of gaming.

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JIN KAZAMA5384d ago

this game actually looks as good as any 360 game out there. Damn, that is a shame!!! 360 really is a waste of money, when a 6 year old console can look just as good.

Optimus Prime5384d ago

oh sure. still dissing the 360. well lets see the tekken screen shots look like they are off a n64

JIN KAZAMA5383d ago

Just watch in TGS, tekken 6 is gonna kick A$$!

just like motorstorm, and fatal Intertia, RFOM...countless others.

TheMART5383d ago

haha how sad are you even PDZ is better then any of the PSZero games. This game the same. Just dream on, I am really, really looking forward to this Christmas and the battle in games

kingboy5384d ago

can`t wait when this gonna come for ps3

SjaakHaas5383d ago

There are some real Pathetic people on all these comments.

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