Halo 3: Beyond The Trailer

The people over at IGN have created a 15 minute video on what they think Halo 3 will be about, as they dig deep into the history of the earth and dig real deep into the E3 Announcement trailer to unravel the mystery behind Bungie's upcoming game Halo 3.

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Halochampian4546d ago

I've already knew most of this but is a very nice 15 min. vid.

f1r3waII K1LL3r4546d ago

All I can say is I cant wait until I play this game online. f1r3waII K1LL3r will be #1 remember that.

Asuka4546d ago

all of the hype killed the Halo franchise for me...>_>

PS-i personally don't have anything against the game, just the fanboys/fangirls that ruined it.

The BS Police4544d ago

Technicly nobody hyped this game completely except for the fans who expected to much from Halo 2.

They were saying things were gonna be in it even though it was impossible.