Review: Asteroids Do Concern Me (Spawn Kill)

Every so often a game is released which defies genre classification, and Asteroids Do Concern Me just so happens to be one such game. For reasons I’ll cover later, the game seems to skirt every label imaginable and forces me both as a player and a writer to come up with an exclusive descriptor to try to quantify my experience with the game. The simplest title I can give Asteroids Do Concern Me is: “side-scrolling asteroid dodger”. While it’s not the prettiest, of descriptions I think it pretty much sums up the entire game, which doesn’t bode well for the game’s depth.

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K-Tuck2958d ago

I should have known it was only a matter of time before someone started charging for a Copter knockoff.

fonzii2958d ago

Ouch. Tough review, but I gotta say, you've definitely convinced me not to get it... It didn't seem like a must-buy anyway.

rrquinta2958d ago

ouch. I don't think I even game Valhalla Knights a 1... or maybe I did lol I don't remember.

tigresa2957d ago

Rough! The rocket looks so much like a penis, how could you not appreciate such art design.