Mortal Kombat Collector's Edition Revealed

Realm of Gaming states, "The Collector's Edition featuring the award-winning Mortal Kombat game, Sub-Zero and Scorpion figurines, a collectible art book, downloadable content that includes an exclusive Mortal Kombat Classic costume skin and avatar costumes."

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Headquarters113489d ago

I lold at that gay avatar bonus lmao

rezzah3489d ago

You should specify next time, dont assume people understand what you mean just because of your avatar.

Headquarters113489d ago

the one in the collectors edition on the pic. The mii kung lao.

GenericUserName3488d ago

Oh...well now that you're loling at xbox avatars then that makes it ok.../s

rezzah3489d ago

thats so awesome, but wonder if you get both Scorpion and Sub-Zero?

It would suck if you had to choose between the two.

Sev3489d ago

WTF, I can't find this anywhere online. I need to pre-order this ASAP.

jay23489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Time to change my edition! yeah there's an AND between Sub and Scorp.

redmoon93489d ago

yes, yes yes, i can not wait for this. Best news of 2011


I agree!!!! Fucking amazing news!!! I cannot WAIT!!! MY FUXKING GOD I FEEL AMAZING! thank you WB GAMES!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.