Dualshockers Review: The Ball

I’m no mind reader, but I’m almost sure that the first thought that crosses people’s minds when they read about The Ball, Teotl Studios’ debut effort, is, “Oh, so it’s like Portal then?” I’m guilty of that very notion myself, which is why I wanted to play the first person action-puzzler for myself and find out if my hopes were indeed true.

Five to seven hours later, I can say that yes, it is indeed like Portal, if you sucked all the personality out of it and replaced it with a moody atmosphere that’s more awkward than appealing.

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JoelT3493d ago

I thought this we going to be much better from what i originally heard about the title.

JohnColaw3493d ago

Sounds like a missed opportunity to make something awesome and instead it missed the ball a little (no pun intended)

allenhpark3493d ago

There's another indie game coming out next year called The Spire that looks like a mix between The Ball and Portal.

I hope it doesn't suck.

Chadness3493d ago

Nice visuals from what I've seen, too bad the game play doesn't live up to that.

thevokillist3493d ago

With you here, the game looks good. But gameplay is key.

iiprotocolii3493d ago

Prime example as to how good looking games aren't always the greatest. This is something that's been somewhat of a re-occurrence this generation where some folk are completely mislead by visual ecstasy and not core mechanics/story. Sucks that the game was only "okay." Was looking to getting it. Rental it is.

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