Impressions: Vudu (PS3)

Vudu’s streaming service is now available on the PlayStation 3. How does it stack up against the likes of Hulu Plus and Netflix?

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the vudu service is great! I watched inflection with my free money and i must say its way better than netflix because the quality and movies available are way better! the key is to buy movies with this service and NOT TO RENT! the rent is to expensive for my taste even though the movies are better than netflix... supprisingly the own is only a little more expensive and the facebook is a great touch!

Headquarters112866d ago

You mean inception? lol It is a great service though I agree. I watched Scott Pilgrim with it the other day.

D4RkNIKON2865d ago

Yeah I really liked the service too. It has a smooth interface, great stream quality and I also loved how it can share your rating on facebook. It has a much better and more current selection than Netflix too. I only wish that they had an option to pay like $10 or $15 a month for unlimited streaming. I am really happy with my Netflix subscription tho

cervantes992865d ago

I agree with the author. The video is superb for a streaming service and no buffering or pauses is great. $5.99 for the HDX rental is not bad in my opinion, since many of these movies I never saw in the theater and if I had, the cost would have been over $20 for two tickets.

The same movie can be rented in non-HDX HD for $4.99 which is the same as PSN or Xbox Live.

himdeel2865d ago

Totally agree with this impression.

jagstatboy2865d ago

why the hell would I pay $5.99 for a HDX rental when I can get a blu-ray from redbox for $1.49? Or just get it with my Netflix subscription? AND, I have the DVD to watch deleted scenes and other stuff that might be on there.

I'm glad they're offering vudu but I won't be renting anything on that any time soon.

JacobIsHollywood2865d ago

I loved the first free rental. I got two more for free because my sister and mom both bought Eclipse. If you buy movies at Walmart, you get $5 for Vudu. Lol. I just tell everyone to give me their Vudu money.

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