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Zombies have entered the mainstream media in a large way in recent years. With shows such as The Walking Dead and books like World War Z, it is no wonder we are now seeing a large selection of Games taking on the concept of zombies. The newest title to take on the mantle is Dead Nation from the folks at Housemarque, the studio known for Super Stardust HD. If anyone is capable of taking zombies and injecting them into the Duel-Joystick Shooter style gameplay it is these guys. They do a great job save for a few choices that leave the title begging for an update.

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disturbing_flame2957d ago

Great game. Dead Nation is certainly one of the more underated shooter of that year's end.

Kurisu2956d ago

This is a good game, and it's surprisingly challenging! Almost too challenging at times! Sometimes I swear the zombies just come from nowhere and just swarm upon you! Hard to get away sometimes. I wish the checkpoints acted as save points, sometimes you just want a rest and start again later, but if you quit you have to start the level again.

Nitrowolf22956d ago

dude i hate when the zombies come out of no where. I clear them up in one area advance and turn around and here they come again. Challenging when your just smacked in the middle of the swarm

Serjikal_Strike2956d ago

Im stuck and keep dying somewhere in the 6th stage/level...

its from those monsters that jump in the air then do a fist pound on the ground....
damn near wipes all my energy bar!

Awesome game but its harder than hell to go in solo!

PS3Freak2956d ago


They deffinetly do come from nowhere. Either me or my buddy tend to stay in the checkpoint to draw the zombies into an easy kill area. I stayed there, and witnessed about 40 zombies just drop into existance. I guess the game doesn't expect one of you to be back there still.

This game kicks ass. Something about the country leaderboards really captivates me. Co op is soo key too.

beavis4play2956d ago

Serjikal_Strike - hey, buddy - i beat the game in SP. what works on those guys is either the flame thrower or the blade cannon. try and use them only if you're cornered or if there is more than one (which is going to happen!) if you have a chance - stay away and get off one power shot with the rifle right before he jumps then back off so when he lands - he'll miss you. then just pepper him with several rifle shots (i'm assuming your rifle has been fully upgraded by this stage) and he's dead. hey, PM me if you have any other questions......if you're playing by yourself, it only gets crazier from where you're at.

beavis4play2956d ago

Nitrowolf2 - during the last several levels, drop a mine behind you every so often. they'll let you know when they're flanking you (and take some of them out in the process)

make sure you upgrade the mines as far as explosives and power.

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Bathyj2956d ago

Of all the weapons you can upgrade, why cant I upgrade my torch? Give me a 30M candlepower please.

Still, freakin awesome game.

beavis4play2956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

the game kicks butt! the second half of the game is crazy! nothing more awesom than setting about 50 zombies on fire and watching them burn. and while there burning - or if you get surrounded by a huge horde - turn the upgraded electric gun or blade cannon loose on them. or throw a flare (that has been upgraded to the longest duration) and let a HUGE group get attracted to it and then either use the launcher of flamethrower on them - great fun.

my only complaint? when the action gets really serious, i find the way to select weapons a little slow and cumbersome.

dang, i HOPE there is more dead nation games to come!!!!

Sikct9a2956d ago

I love this game! As of Saturday my buddy and I were ranked #2 in co op on morbid. One of my favorite plat trophies.