DC Universe Online Opening Cinematic Video (HD 720p)

Ve3tro writes: "The beta for DC Universe Online has been released and we’ve recorded the first 10 minute opening cinematic for your viewing pleasure.

It features many DC heroes and villains battling it out on the warfield such as Batman, The Flash and The Joker with DeathStroke.

The beta is out now for the chosen few on PC and PS3 with the full game releasing in the first quarter of 2011."

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Myst3500d ago

Yet it's still hard to finish the download on PS3. Darn those "assets" that seem to be quite hard to fetch.

jack_burt0n3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

its 16gb thats why it takes so long, well worth it tho this is the only genuine action mmo i have ever played puts blade and soul to shame.

fileplanet have ps3 beta keys just sign
up for a free fileplanet account and they give it to you straight away.

Myst3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Sitting at 15 GBs actually. I'm at the end where it says it cannot download them, searched around and quite a few other people are having this problem as well.

I'd love to play it really I would, but it doesn't seem like I will be able to.

Lol was about to say I've been doing that but after you said 25+ times it made since. Guess I'll try tonight

Yep left a fileplanet link as well and will leave one up here. It's how I got mine.

Lionhead3500d ago

Um there hasn't been keys for it for the past 2 days.

I tried a few hours after it went up and they ran out =\

PS+ is the only way to get it now I believe.

despair3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

I think they stopped giving out now, sucks for those who didn't get. Was trying to get one for my cousin but they said its done :(

The PS3 beta is good but the PC is way way better, everything runs slower on PS3 and does not look as good. I mean opening the menu slows to a crawl for a few seconds every time.

I hope its just because its a beta but the performance is poor with random freezing that needs hard reset to get out of and the text is insanely small. That said I'm enjoying DCUO alot and when the game runs good on PS3 its great to play. I mean its still beta so time yet to fix.

jack_burt0n3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

@myst just press the ps button and choose quit game, your ps3 will force shutdown, but when you restart the beta it will finish off and let you play i had to do that 25+ times lol :)

edit: keep an eye out for the Green Hobo, the homeless shapeshifting terror of gotham :)

I feel different, yeah there are some clunky interface options on ps3, but this is an action game it plays like a dungeon crawler, seriously this could be a replacement for Champions of Norrath thats a huge deal, not having to bother with weak control setups trumps the pc version for me especially when voice chat works.

And a few ppl i know with both went with the ps3.

despair3500d ago

this works, it continues from where it last was.

despair3500d ago

funny thing is I completely agree with you, this game plays great, I played 3 characters to level 20 on the PC and using a PS3 controller or X360 controller on the PC makes it simple as everything is exactly like the PS3 one no set up other than MotioninJoy set up for ps3.

I'm not a fan of most MMOs and this one has changed my mind, what I am worried about is the performance hit the PS3 version might take in retail. If its just a problem with the beta then ok but it is glitchy as hell compared to PC beta. I enjoy playing on my PS3 sitting on my couch and watching my 50" HDTV than a computer chair and monitor so PS3 is my original choice. Its if the port is so bad that it has more bad than good what I'm afraid of.

Myst3500d ago

Well I walked away from the download and went to finish an art project came back and saw the download done. It actually finished which adds to my theory that if you walk away from troublesome things stuff magically begins to work!

So going to see what the deal is with this game and whether or not I'll go for PC or not. Really adore that Character creation.

pork_chop_express3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

have to use my alt account lol, yeah i get what you mean about crashes it is pretty common, but i remember motion joy and guild wars lol what a head ache but was def the most laid back way you could play.

I hope the bugs get really ironed out, this is going to be a big game and deserves alot of praise for working so well on console.

@myst glad u got it working.

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ABizzel13500d ago

I can't wait for the day when games look and play like this.

This is an amazing trailer, I can't believe how violent they got with the DC Universe. They must have really worked with the comic guys (thank god). Everything about this is perfect, except the voice acting. It's awful everyone sounds like Shao Khan except the Joker.

dorron3500d ago

This cinematic was posted long time ago...

rezzah3500d ago

How do you disagree with that? I have been watching the video since the beginning of the year o.o

badz1493500d ago

I thought it's something new. bummer but great nonetheless

Black-Helghast3500d ago

Really long time ago... -___-

elbeasto863500d ago

Is it just me or are the voices deeper?

M3500d ago

Definitely, all voices are the same IMO.

elbeasto863500d ago

Well I know that Kevin Conroy is voicing Batman in this game and when Batman spoke it sounded like a slowed down version of his voice. Same with Lex and everyone else.

Sticky__Rice3500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

:o pretty.

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