Are PSP2 Games Modified Enough To Meet High Expectations Of Gamers?

PSP2 are the latest versions of PSP consoles developed and marketed by Sony. Introduced in the year 2004, the PlayStation Portable caught the imagination of video and online game lovers significantly. Though this portable gaming device possesses several attractive features for games, hardware is the area in which it has significant shortcomings. That is the reason why the PSP has not gotten any consistent game. The above mentioned shortcomings need to be addressed in the much awaited and hyped PSP2 Consoles to offer gamers more real time gaming experiences.

Expectations of gamers from PSP2 are much higher. It will be an innovative move from Sonny Corporation if it includes some of the underlying games in this console. They arePSP2 games, A New Wipeout Game, Patapon 4, successor of Gran Turismo PSP, Sequel to Assassins Creed: Bloodlines, Sequel to Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted Spin off, Sequel to Resistance and successor of MotorStorm Arctic Edge.

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sinncross3495d ago

Allow it to play PS2 games off the PSN and a lot of video codec support (like MKV) then that would be sweet!

Hopefully developers show more support for the PSP2 then the PSP.

NovusTerminus3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

As long as Sony solves the piracy on it, well... At least make it harder, then the devs will support it.

I completely agree with more video codecs, as well as Flash on the web browser, for youtube.

Chris3993495d ago

and make it synch with the server (but faster would be nice than the speed at which it does currently). Sealing up the kit seemed to work for the PSP Go too, you can only exploit it now from a few games and I still don't think that it runs any custom firmware yet.

princejb1343495d ago

i hope they can solve the piracy in it
and if they can also include dual analog stick
without dual analog stick , i wont be purchasing

Ult iMate3494d ago

If they implement a touch pad, like rumors say, there will be no such need for second analog stick. Just like in 3DS. But definately 2 analog sticks would be the right thing.

smilydude133495d ago

What's with all the disagrees? I'd love to have MKV support.

ThanatosDMC3495d ago

MKV support would be awesome but if that does happen they better put it on the PS3 too. I hate having to convert my video files and lose quality.

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jay23495d ago

I'm sure they will be sorted and Sony have learn their lesson, M K reboots been confirmed alreay which I'm excited about.

wingman32x3495d ago

I want Sony and the third party studios to make the games more portable friendly. Having a console level game on a portable system is impressive, but to me it doesn't always translate into "Pick up and play", something I think all portable games should feel like.

iceman063495d ago

Funny thing is...when they chose to do just that...they were completely destroyed in the reviews. A LOT of the earlier games were supposed to be more portable friendly and reviewers bitched about them NOT being "as good as the console" So, it seems that it's a catch 22 for Sony. I say continue to make BOTH. Give us the games like Warriors, Resistance, and Killzone alongside more bite sized gaming experiences and I will be happy.

wingman32x3495d ago

I agree.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying do away with console level games. Just make them more portable friendly, like having the ability to quicksave and end the game whenever you want. I was an early adopter to the PSP(I had a 1000), and most "big" games at the time I had it were direct console ports and were "Playing by console rules" so to speak. You didn't always have the ability to play it for 15 minutes, save it and shut the system off.

Again, I'm only speaking from my experience. So I don't know if the games have changed. Anyway, I think a "save at will" system should be standard for all PSP2 games, especially the big ones. That way you can play 10 minutes in the doctors waiting room or on the bus, and still be able to make progress in your game.

iceman063494d ago

I see what you are saying. I can remember having to put the PSP in standby mode at times where I was getting my car fixed. So, I can agree with that.

Stealth20k3495d ago

people who want ps2 games are deluding themselves


I really don't see why. Sony already showed interest in porting PS2 games to PS3 and those are sold online and disc based. If PSP2 is made PS2 compatible from the start with some fancy emulator, I can't see why Sony wouldn't put those games in the PS Store.

Now, 3DS will have a MGS3 remake that, for all we know, look about as good as PS2 graphics or even a bit better PLUS 3D. Have you played PSP recently released games? Some are already around PS2 graphics, chances are that even with minor hardware upgrades they can achieve the same level of graphic power PLUS it's supposed to have dual analog, making PS2 games even more playable. The only reason I can think of for PS2 games not being playable in PSP2 is the lack of 4 shoulder buttons but we don't even know yet if it won't have this too.

Theo11303495d ago

Iphone, and Nintendo Ds have proved the market doesn't want full fleshed games on mobiles, they turn out to become bastardized versions of their console counterparts, they are doomed for failure if they don't change their tactics.

ExPresident3495d ago

I'll continue to enjoy God of War etc on the PSP? Thx :O

iceman063495d ago

True enough, but there ARE some games for DS that are fleshed out games. I think there should be a happy balance between the two. I don't want to give up MGS or God Of War because Iphone succeeds in selling bite sized games. Piracy put a huge dent in the profits for PSP games, which caused devs to run for the hills. Plus, with added processing power and an added analog stick, it should be easier to translate the big console experiences to the smaller units.

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