New Heavenly Sword CG Commercial

Here's a new Heavenly Sword CG commercial which was recently released on television as a promo for the game. Video after the jump.

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kingofps34058d ago

Nariko looks prettier very time I see her. Seems like beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder, but in the eyes of the PS3. =)

toughNAME4058d ago

this is an awesome commercial, ive seen it a couple times already

although the ending is a little dull

but this is what I want MS to do...instead of these sh!tty Mountain Dew commercials make some real [email protected]!

the Halo 2 commercials were that

heroman7114058d ago

ur right dude. halo 2 commercials were amazing. nice to see sony doing commercials again too, maybe they getting their sh!t back together

DrWan4058d ago

wow, are they showing it on TV?

could become a PS3 seller like that

TriggerHappy4058d ago

When I first saw this commercial, I was simply blown away.

dangerstepp4057d ago

Me too! I was like,"OMG!! A PS3 game that isn't a 6 month old, sloppy port of an Xbox 360 game!!"

face it.. this game is dumb.

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The story is too old to be commented.