Microsoft Ramming Kinect at Consumer

You know what Kinect is, and are considering purchasing one, have one, or already decided it’s not for you. Kinect has reached the eyes of millions if not billions of consumers through an enormous marketing “blitz” that Microsoft has conducted for little over a month. From Oprah to even the smallest nooks and crannies of the web, you have no doubt seen Kinect advertising.

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Mystogan2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Kinect Games have a higher Average Metascore then Move games..not counting games which were not meant to be played with move like resident evil or Killzone which have been built without move in mind.

samuraiX2864d ago

It seems you play with scores more than you play with your games.

this gaming generation is very SAD.....

Game-ur2864d ago

Joy Ride, K Sports, K Adventures are one game spread on 3 disks they all suck, and averaging 4 or 6 in review scores isn’t exactly great. And so far most casual Move games suck as well.

rroded2863d ago

Its called fake it til you make it.

SWORDF1SH2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

I agree. Mystogen's comment is a typical comment this gen.

Very clever how he used one of moves strong points, can be played with amost any genre with any game thats already out, and made it sound like a weak point.

Now where did I hear somebody do that before... Thats right a MS PR guy.

MS and Sony Fanboys have disgraced this gaming generation. Not going to get better either.

Chris3992864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

That's the whole angle with Move: it's an optional control scheme enhancement. As it stands now (but I'm sure that will change) Kinect is for Kinect enabled software only. Heavy Rain and Resident Evil 5 are "Move compatible". That's a reality.

There are Move only titles, as well as Move compatible titles, all are part of the same portfolio. Resident Evil 5 and Heavy Rain do count, much as you might not want them too.

Someday certain 360 games will likely be Kinect compatible and I'm pretty sure you'll be counting them then. You might as well call Wii games that use the classic controller, non Wii games. That's how ridiculous your statement is.

TheOldOne2864d ago



and I agree with Game-ur, both move+kinect casual games suck.

ChozenWoan2863d ago

While I can't blame MS for marketing the crap out of Kinect... I do wonder if they are going to count all of the units given away as being "sold".

And I still think that Dec 27th will become known to retailers as the "great dis-kinect" day... as in when return lines are filled with MS product.

Dno2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

i love that we have to "not count" games for move in order to make kinect look better.

lets face it after i heard killzone 3 and RE5 and heavy rain will use move i bought it. and im sure iwas not the only one those are move games and they count...

Zir02864d ago

And in Europe Sony is doing the same with Move the only difference is people are actually BUYING Kinect.

Chris3992863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

That Omega-style trolling; not so blatant that you can get flagged for it.

Now you just seem desperate and sloppy. Time for you to make a new account, I guess.

Chuk52863d ago

Don't hate the player, hate the game. MS is trying to make money and it's working. THEY'RE A BUSINESS COMPANY.

GenericUserName2863d ago

How dare they market their product?? The evil bastards!! How dare they follow good business sense and advertise their new device for profit? How dare they have a real marketing department and plan for their product? Don't they know that when you plan on selling 5 million units of a product in 2 months, you do it by never advertising and never marketing and by word of mouth or something of that effect?

Mr Tretton2863d ago

Bottomline is MS is spending half a billion dollars marketing a severly limited-ability casual device when that money could have been much better spent on their fans who got them here.

Meanwhile, PS3's line up for 2011 is amazing while coexisting and capatible with it's motion device.

Sales sales sales, blah blah blah. PS3 is the better experience. Sony is the better company. That's not an opinion.

GenericUserName2863d ago

Actually, sales determine the "better company"...note, I'm not talking about the better console.
PS, LOL at your incredibly ridiculous fanboyism. Sony is the better company? Lol are you serious? Who says that? Are you 9? How does marketing a product, a strategy that has proven to work and make 375 million dollars excluding software sales, make Microsoft less of a good company than Sony?
Sony aren't in this to make you happy faceless guy on the internet, they are in this for the sales sales sales and so far microsoft are getting more with kinect.

IKONACLYSM2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Congrats you have reached a new level of c***k s*****g you sad sad troll stay in your side of the fence no 360 fan cares about your opinion.

Mr Tretton2863d ago

Ikonaclysm, I own a 360, smartypants. Enjoy Kinectimals.

And Generic, I mean a better company for gamers. That's my point against everyone playing sales. I'll be playing one badass PS3 2011.

gcolley2862d ago

@ Mr Tretton. typical fanboy comment. and typical fanboy blinkers. Sony cares about as much as MS about gamers. they care about sales. for the first 2 years they advertised the PS3 as a blu-ray player because that was more important. MS screwed everyone with the ring. they both suck... open your eyes.

the PS3 is nothing more than a trojan horse for Sony. a way to get their invested format into the market. now i bet you believe them when they say their 3D TVs are the best, even though there is not a single review to actually back it up, it's LCD that is the problem and Sony abandoned plasma long ago, so no chance. they don't care which one is better, they care about which one is perceived as better.

this is how Sony have survived for decades...

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