Wii Needs Demos

Demos for the newest games have been standard practice in the gaming industry for many years. Nintendo has dabbled in the world of demos offering up little snippets of its newest games at gaming expos, and even a couple of demos for the Gamecube. Within the last year, Nintendo decided that they would offer demos for its Wiiware service. This is something fans have wanted since the Wii was announced to have a download service. With these demos fans would be offered a small taste of the game they may purchase in the future. We're now one year from the initial run of Wiiware demos, but how did the test run go? Well it seemingly went very well. Most Wiiware titles seen a sales increase that they might never have if it weren't for the decision to release a demo. Allowing demos for any game will definitely increase the exposure it receives, and the added possibility of new customers.

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Parapraxis2957d ago

I've always wondered why Nintendo doesn't have a demo section for the Wii, not having them is archaic.

Unknow_Master2957d ago

i agree
they did it at once then they remove it then they do it again and im guessing they will remove it again

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Paul_Gale2957d ago

The Wii certainly does and I just hope that for Nintendo's sake, the system's successor will implement the idea better.