Square-Enix responds to Final Fantasy 7 Remake Petition

The good folks over at Gaming Today have been slowly watching the rising number of signatures on this online petition to produce a re-make of Final Fantasy VII. The author of the petition has informed them that the petition has crossed the 20,000 signature mark, so he notified Square-Enix. Here's their response (brace yourselves):

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Maddens Raiders4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

We've all been witnesses of the power that N4G can wield in recent history.

Final Fantasy VII needs to be played in HD goodness. This game alone can win a console war.

#22693 - 11,490

REbirth4109d ago

i'm the no. 22794 :P but i have 2 mails so i gonna do it again:P

tplarkin74109d ago

FFVII was great for it's time, but a remake would only feel old. Have you played MGS and RE remakes? They are old games with good graphics. There must be a sense of mystery which you can only get with a new game.

The petition should be for prequel or sequel of FFVII.

TheSadTruth4109d ago

I'm a diehard Xbox 360 fan and would never dream of buying a PS3, but if they remade FFVII I would waste $600 just for that game. FFVII is the greatest RPG ever made.. no RPG will ever be as good.

Maddens Raiders4109d ago

absolutley on target and that's a big statment coming from you. Plus bubble up for you man.

JsonHenry4109d ago

I would like a XenoGears remake. But FFVII was only good because it was the first FF with full CG cutscenes.

It would not hold up to today's standards and unless they redid the WHOLE thing and changed or expanded on the story so that it was new.

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cloud3604109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

Whoever submited this deserves are free copy off FVII ps3 and a ps3. otherwise i never wud hav found it....

Im kinda happy i heard this. Even though they didnt announce...

At least they gave a clue....


-U changed my future and made my past. becoz of you i will becum wat i want(FF heavly influencd my life).
this world is dispacble and for now i hate its people....
But i dont decide anything...

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4109d ago

"SQUARE ENIX of Japan, has no current plans to create a sequel or remake to that particular title at this time. This is not to say that it will never happen, it’s just that their development teams are currently focusing on numerous other projects."

So your saying theres a chance, ALRIGHT- gigity gigity! :]

DeadIIIRed4109d ago

for some reason the last part of your comment reminded me of that scene in Dumb & Dumber when Lloyd is talking to Marry near the end.

snakeater34109d ago

ff fan : what are the chances....of final fantasy 7 getting remade ?
square enix: not good
ff fan: you meeannn...not good in a hundred?
square enix: I'd say more like in a million....
ff fan: [jaws open, eyes fixed] you're tellin' me theres a chance .......YYYEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Imalwaysright4109d ago

Well they are not EA are they????

jackdoe4109d ago

Lol. Responded in a typical manner. Hopefully, with all the hinting going around between Kaz Hirai and the Square Enix people, they will announce a FFVII remake at TGS.

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