simracingtonight - Gran Turismo 5 Full Review - Part 1

This show includes our first look at the full release version of Gran Turismo 5. Tom Haake takes you on a tour of the features, while Darin and Shaun point out the good the bad and the ugly. We also cover what wheel work and what wheels wont

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Oner3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Holy High-Beams on Jessica in her "Pit Stop" segment!

zez3497d ago

Hmm, they missed out that you can also customise it with aero parts :/

State of Matter3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

These guys have a LOT of credibility, they are very good at what they do, and all they do is racing sims.

One problem for the fanboys amongst us though, they also reviewed Forza 3.

They said it IS a sim, not an arcade racer, and at the time it was the best on consoles ever. They gave it a very high score 89 I think. Couldn't give it enough praise. So if you take their GT5 review serious, then you have to admit that FM3 is also a great SIM, and not a crappy arcade racer like many here claim it is.

samuraiX3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

They made another video apologising for what they said about Forza3 being a sim, and they said Forza 3 is not a simulator, it a great game.

probably because of this video

and yes i played Forza 3 and its not a sim, it has arcade physics and incorrect track design

Forza 3 does not simulate real car control and it does not simulate real track design.

State of Matter3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )


Give me a link to the video that they apologized in, not the silly video of some guy claiming the steering is funky in FM3.

Further more even if what they say in your video up there is true, that does not make the game not a sim, its just one flaw, by that standard GT5 is not a sim because smashing into a wall at 150 does not effect performance throughout 95% of the game. Not to mention the insane under steer in many GT5 cars, and the moon physics.

Just stop dude, both are great games, both are sims with a few flaws, why is that so hard for you to admit.

sofocado3497d ago

Actually in one of the comment on you tube the host said that the consoles do not have real sim racing games. So also that will inclued GT5.

disturbing_flame3497d ago

Nobody noticed that she says also interesting things ?

Ok kidding.

After watching this review i think it's one of the best i've watched about this game.

SolidStoner3497d ago

Best review to date for sure,very useful info!

LiL T3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

Good review, but this was posted already.
edit ... Wow seriously she thought that sony or pd spelled "THRUSTMASTER" wrong. Its a good thing shes hot.

Exquisik3497d ago

If you go to the Steering Wheels Option Menu in GT5, you will notice that "THRUSTMASTER" is spelled "TTHRUSTMASTER." The reason why she said it's spelled incorrectly is because of the extra "T."

LiL T3497d ago

LOL, guess im the tool. Never noticed it on my GT while doing my g27 setup but I will have to look again.

samuraiX3497d ago

Key things

1. They said Fanatecs GT2-RS was the best performing wheel for GT5.
2. Admitted they can't stop playing the game.
3. Best physics and feedback on consoles.
4. Best graphics of any racer...PC included
5. Content

i don't see haters in this topic? lololol

Like it or not GT5 is the best simulator on consoles.

samuraiX3497d ago

They actually didn't score the game, they said they were going to play more and give PD a chance to update features.

They mocked early reviewers saying there was no way they could give a real in depth review in short time.

nix3497d ago

yup... i saw the whole 50 mins.. pretty great review. i read that you can calibrate ur FGT wheel by fully pressing the pedals once you get in the game.

and yup.. no haters! q:

sofocado3497d ago

I like this show very much. All they do is sim. I can't way for the comparison that they will do between the game consoles sim racing games. Race Pro, FM 3, and GT5. I am glad they are liking GT5 and also they are taking there time playing it, so they can give a fair review. They did with FM3 they took their time.

fei-hung3497d ago

This is what you call a review. Not only is it indepth, the guys are acutally people who know racing sims and know more about racing games than any other so called "journalist" on the various websites who have reviewed it so far.

A neutral site like this just shows how much consideration and bias went into other sites which reviewed GT5.

With that, I thikn i have invented a new term for Video game journalism- Bullshit'ism. It is so big, it is almost becoming a religion, fueled by the fanboys on all sides of the console wars.

jib3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

"the guys are acutally people who know racing sims and know more about racing games than any other so called "journalist" on the various websites who have reviewed it so far."

not to say that there isn't bias but why does everyone keep saying this towards GT5? are the only people allowed to review GT games the ones who like GT to begin with?

i don't believe you have to be as hardcore as these guys to review GT5. not everyone is a hardcore racing fan and it gives a different perspective. this can help those who can relate a bit more to that reviewer. ex. gamers who never saw the appeal in sim racing games that might want to give it a try

its like me giving a hockey game an 8 because its an opinion coming from someone who isn't really that big of a fan but still had some fun with it anyway

fei-hung3496d ago

no one ever said the only people allowed to review this game are people who enjoy GT5.

The point here is that these guys have done a very indepth review of GT5 which most sites have failed to do. Anyone who has played GT5 knows that you cannot unlock much just via playing the game for one and a half days. There is far too much content in there for anyone to do this.

Someone like the site mentioned has actually done what reviewers would do for games such as GOW or Halo or Forza. They have played played and witnessed most if not all of what the game has to offer thoroughly and therefore been able to give a "fair" review.

E.G. the licenses alone (there are 5 with 10 challanges in each one) will take an average gamer a few days to get through.

The A-spec mode has 5 different stages (ranging from beginner to extreme). Within beginner alone are a further 9 typs of challanges and within one challange are several races.

I haven't even gone into the special races (kart racing challanges, nascar challanges, nurnburg challanges ....) for which there are 8 in total which branch off into their own races and challanges within.

This is just some of the content of offer here and I can't see how any reviewer regardless of how great they are at driving sims has managed to plough through all the content in the game to give it a fair review.

So the question remains: how can anyone who has barely played the game give the game a full review?

2ndly, yes you do not have to hardcore like anything to review it, but review it for what it is.

i.e. you cannot review a chocolate bar and mark it down for not being like a pack of crisps. or review a house and say it is not as good as a caravan.

You review a product for what it is supposed to be. Most reviews have rated it going on other arcade racers and said as a racing sim it is 9/10 but as a arcade game it is 6/10.

That's like me saying super mario brothers as a platformer is a 10/10 but as a fps it is a 4/10.

It is the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my life. It is like reviewers are looking for reasons to shit on this game.

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